Monday, September 28, 2015


Song-ography is hosted by You'll Shoot Your Eye Out, a fantastic photographer and funny lady.

September 2015 - Berlin Germany

99 Red Balloons - Nena

I heard this song when we were in Berlin last week but couldn't remember the title. I googled it and thought it would be a good choice for Song-ogrpahy.

This photo is from the East Side Gallery and I featured more of the paintings in yesterday's Monday Mural.

I also learned to background to the song.99 Red Balloons is the English translation of the German versions, "99Luftballoons", or "toy" balloons. The idea came to Nena's guitarist Carlo Cargas while he was at a Rolling Stones concert in Berlin. While a bunch of balloons floated away, he thought they looked more like some type of aircraft rather than a bunch of balloons. He imagined what might happen if those balloons flew over the wall and entered East Berlin, which was Soviet territory from 1945 until the Berlin Wall came down in 1989. 99 Red Balloons is a protest song from the days of the Cold War.

This photo was in Potsdamer Platz which has pieces of the Wall.

Back at the East Side Gallery and I chose this image for the peace doves carrying the top of the Brandenburg Gate.

"Alles Offen" (Let Grow) by Rosemarie Schinzler


  1. Glad that you had a good time. Welcome back.

  2. Wow...what interesting background to that song! Ah Berlin...I totallly love that city. Been there twice, most recently last December. And that wall, I swear I could spend a whole day there photographing, looking at the details, wondering about the stories that wall could tell. My family is from East Germany, so it held a personal connection for me. What a wonderful trip you must have had! Thanks for sharing at Song-ography.

  3. Great song for a great photo. Pretty awesome to see pieces of the wall in person, it evokes so much thought and emotion.

  4. 99 Red Balloons, definitely a Cold War song. It's included in the War Museum's section on that era.

  5. Berlin is my city and I lived their (West) for many years before the wall came down.The place has changed tremendously - thank god!

  6. Very powerful - thanks so much for sharing. It's been so many years since i've been there...

  7. This song takes me back I remember it well - I have never been to Berlin, but it's on my bucket list.


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