Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Ultimate Road Trip - Day 2

We woke in the Hampton Inn in Springfield Ohio on our second day. At 7AM it was pitch dark, somewhere we had gained an hour when we crossed into CST.
We ate breakfast at the hotel as it was included and then headed out around 7:45.

Our aim today is to head towards St. Louis Missouri and stay on the other side. That meant heading towards Indiana and Indianapolis. 

 The sun is shining it is 1 degree Celsius or 37 F. This part of the country is farm land and extremely flat.

Then we crossed into Illinois.

We stopped in Casey IL to visit the world's largest wind chimes and to stretch our legs.

The Bank of Casey, going to bat for you.

World's largest wind chimes.

The town was dressed up for Christmas.

There were yellow ribbons tied to the lamp posts for their soldiers serving overseas.

Since we had bought bread, ham and cheese last night we decided to just make sandwiches as we drove.

We then were outside St. Louis Missouri.

We were able to get some great shots of the Arch as we drove by St. Louis.

We continued on our way to Jefferson City, state capitol of Missouri. We were hoping to find a hotel downtown so we could walk around but ended up at a Motel 8 (yuck) at $60 for the night.

I asked the clerk at the desk for a restaurant recommendation and she mentioned a German place. We also found a place called Bingham's in the Truman Hotel which looked like a good menu according to the tourist booklet in our hotel. We drove there and when we entered there was a sign saying they were no longer serving dinner in the dining room but you could eat in the Library. We sat in the Library once we looked at the menu full of fast food we left and headed to the German restaurant where we had a delightful meal.

Das Stein Haus was fantastic. The owner is the chef and he comes out and has a shot of pear schnapps with each table. The food was so good!! The weiner schnitzal was just perfect not greasy at all.

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