Friday, August 17, 2012

Day 3 - Sailing the Seine Conflans

We set sail at 6:45 AM this morning. We couldn't go up on the sundeck to watch Paris as we slipped away due to low bridges. We passed many house boats that I could photograph from our cabin.

After breakfast we sat in the small lounge and had coffee or tea as we sailed under the low bridges.

We have a relaxing morning on the sundeck (after it was re-opened)  as we glide down the River Seine. As the ship passed through the first lock, we sat and enjoyed watching the boat as it was lowered through the lock. Our husbands read and napped on the lounge chairs.

City life gave way to the country, and estate homes and remnants of Roman bridges came into focus. Along quays local people biked or strolled, and along the banks, the first of many duck and swan families we would see glided by.

For lunch today we decided to skip the buffet lunch in the dining room and instead opted for the freshly prepared French crepes in the lounge.

You chose your fillings and you had a selection of salads and small sandwiches available.

We arrive in Conflans at 1:15PM. This afternoon we are taking a trip to Malmaison which I will post separately.

Tonight was the Captain's Welcome dinner.

Amuse bouche - Trio of strawberry, banana and kiwi

 Salade Composee - with pear, nuts and forme D'ambert
Choice of soup -  Cream of herbes de Provence with smoked salmon
 or consomme du boeuf
 Canard de Barbarie on on sweet chili scented cabbage

Orange shorbet

 Choice of - crispy pan fried pike perch with light Pommery mustard sauce and potato rosti and leek

 From the standing order menu (additional items available every evening) grilled rumpsteak of beef with baked potato and green beans
 or corn fed chicken breast with Marsala sauce with tagliatelle and broccoli with almonds

Choice of - rhubarb ragout with vanilla ice cream served with whipped cream and strawberry sauce

or cheese plate  - cheese differed every evening

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