Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 2 - Not Working

Up at the crack of dawn again today as the painters arrived at 7:30 and are determined to finish by tomorrow night. It is a scorcher here today!

Morning was spent chatting with friends and doing emails. I headed out in this crazy weather to meet a GF for lunch, intending to go to Metro Hall Farmers' Market and try something tasty!
But once I met her I suggested that was too crazy to even attempt in this weather and we opted for the food court instead.
Back home and the painting is moving along slowly but surely.

Lots of priming to be done before the staircase can be painted!!!

Upstairs rooms are done. We reclaimed our bedroom last night and I tidied in there. Tomorrow DH will be home and will re-install the shelving in that closet so we can put that stuff away. Now the carpet needs cleaning.

There's not too much I can do here in the house other than read. There's no point in cleaning as they still have all the living room to do which needs sanding.
Don't even have to plan dinner as DH is out golfing!!
Will be able to tidy a bit more when they leave tonight, however they do plan on working late.

Homemade coffee - $1.40
Transportation -       $0.00 went downtown
Breakfast -               $4.00 had cereal instead of picking up something
Lunch -                    $5.00 lunch with a friend

TOTAL  TO DATE               $20.40


  1. We are in the SAME HOT BOAT! This is a crazy Summer for sure!

  2. Visiting you from Rhonda's link up!

    What a crazy summer - here in Europe, it's really COLD! Go figure... the grass is always greener, right?

    Good luck with the paint job - I am sure it will look great. And I hope the heat ends soon!

    This Good Life

  3. Reading in the AC sounds lovely! It is hot here too.

  4. Love the cooling centre photo. We have our heater on here.


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