Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 Week 1 Eating Review

One of the things I would like to get under control this year is our food budget. It's not really about the money but rather the waste. As well my freezer is stuffed and we really need to use up this stuff and get better control over meal planning and incorporate more vegetables into our diet.

I think I do a pretty good job with making soup stocks so there isn't any waste there. I keep baggies in the freezer labelled beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, ham, vegetable and pork. Leftover bones are place in them and leftover vegetables are added as well. I throw in baked potatoes, onions, peppers, tomatoes and any other leftovers.
When full I put them into the stock pot add water, bay leaves and appropriate other herbs. I leave them simmering and then strain and end up with amazing stock.
This week I saw a commercial for Knorr's Stock Exchange and suggested to DH to add to grocery list. He responded why not make our own? DUH!
Then today, when I was looking for something for dinner I found in the freezer exactly that! I had made beef cubes using an ice cube tray a while ago. Note to self - buy some ice cube trays at dollar store.

So this week:
Sunday - leftovers as I had cooked a primb rib for New year's Day.

Monday - leftovers again.

Tuesday - neither of us remembers...

Wednesday - was supposed to be Chinese style green beans with ground pork like this recipe which is more or less the same as mine. Mine doesn't have any sugar or sherry. Will post mine one day soon.
But instead we ordered chicken from Swiss Chalet.

Thursday - used up some pita and Italian sausages from freezer to go along with the tzatziki that was in the fridge. Check out this post.

Friday - made pea soup from some ham stock that was in the fridge and some cheddar biscuits using my tried and true recipe from the CopyKat site. These are a knockoff on the Red Lobster biscuits that everyone loves. We decided that Friday night would be soup night going forward.

Saturday - home made pizza. Had everything in freezer, fridge and cupboard.
Also felt guily about not eating the ground pork so made it into a meat loaf with apples and sage.

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