Sunday, December 12, 2010

Project 365 - November 2010

The theme was Remembrance but some of the photos are stretching the point a little! Oh well, it is MY project!
Most times I use my Blackberry for these daily photos so the quality is not always the best.
Yes, Nov 27 is not a new photo but it was our wedding anniversary and I was remembering those in the photo that are no longer with us.
Since we were in Greece and Istanbul for some of the month I picked a photo of something "old" for each day.
I thnk my favourite(s) are the lamp by the sidewalk waiting for a new home and the memory Lane signpost here in Toronto.

Remember when you'd get books of matches in every restaurant?? Here's a photo of my collection. I was able to add one from our trip to Greece!!

There's also the "unremembered" umbrella on the bus, my mother's carving fork, the clock tower at the Summerhill LCBO which was once a train station.

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