Thursday, August 26, 2010

Toronto Thursday - Landmark Update

On July 29 I lamented the fact that The Corned Beef House was being demolished to make way for yet another condo development downtown.
Why can't they incorporate the facade of these old buildings into the new design?? I know, I've worked as a financial analyst so I can envision the business case that it wouldn't be worth the cost.

Well good news as we passed it the other day to go to another favourite haunt (also likely to fall under the hammer) for lunch, there is a poster on the door (you have to peek through the fence to see it, though) that they will be opening at 250 Adelaide.
This is the view of the condo being built from our office window. The pink walled building is our other haunt.

We are all curious how Champs manages to continue to be in operation. This place supplies all the street vendors with their street meat i.e. hot dogs and buns.

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