Friday, January 2, 2009

Selecting a Tour Package


Planning our trip to China has begun in earnest as of yesterday.
Currently we have booked our tickets (May 2009), bought our tour books - DK of course, and submitted many requests for itineraries and prices.
We spent New Year's Eve with our travelling pals - Maggie and Alan, at their house.
Decided on having lots of munchies .

Had many laughs and drinks!

Watched to Ball drop in New York.

(John and I went to NY right after 9/11 to see the Ball drop at New Year's - glad we did it - got it checked off the list).

At some point we decided maybe we didn't want to do the Yangtze cruise based on some TripAdvisors' comments about the 3 Gorges Dam project ruining the sights.
Got to bed at 3 am!! At least we did! Maggie and Alan stayed up until 4!!
Needless to say we slept in until 11! Got up and Alan cooked a great fry-up. The plan was for us to go home around noon - that didn't happen! Then we took our coffee into the living room (or as Mags says "sitting room") and decided to read through the itineraries and weed out the ones we all agreed we didn't like. At some point the Yangtze cruise came back on the schedule. Then the internet came out to check flying distances between cities.

One thing lead to another and it was time for drinks - bloody marys, beer and wine. Then an afternoon wasted (but fun) watching various videos on Youtube. Then it was time for dinner - pizzas. We finally left and got home around 8:30pm.
BTW we then watched a great movie - Vantage Point.

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