Thursday, April 7, 2016

British Isles Friday

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I've been doing some memory lane posts of trips before digital and before blogging.

I first traveled to England with my Mom in 1960
My parents took us back as a family in 1970.
John and I first went together in 1986 to London.

Last week I posted the first half of our 1986 trip to London after which we went to Milton Keynes to stay with my Uncle Hughie and his wife Joyce.
My eldest Mc Guinness cousin was born there when her Dad, my Dad's older brother, Hughie, went to England in the late 1940s to find a job and ended up working for British Rail his entire life.

Uncle Hughie took us on several day trips. This post highlights Oxford and Stratford, places I would love to revisit.
I didn't do a good job labelling these scanned photos.


Uncle Hughie, me, Aunt Joyce

Atop the Oxford Tower


Anne Hathaway's Cottage

Tea at the cottage


  1. A lot of memories, for certain. Terrific shots!

  2. Great photos. I have only been to England once and want to retirn, tour around more. I missed Stratford on Avon but that is surely on my list.

  3. I haven’t been to Stratford on Avon either, would love to visit Anne Hathaway’s cottage! I’m a realtor, among other things, and I get a kick out of seeing a home that large deemed a cottage. In real estate when we describe something as a charming cottage, you can bank on it being pint-sized!

  4. Wonderful to have these memories, photographs, and family connections.


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