Saturday, April 13, 2013

Weekly Top Shot

Weekly Top Shot
I'm posting at The View From Here this week.

There hasn't been much photography this week as we are back home after four months on the road and it has not stopped raining!!

I was so excited on our road trip when I saw this building with Borden's on it. I remember Borden's products growing up but it has been years since I've seen any mention of them in Canada.

This building was in Oklahoma City as we pulled over to reset the GPS for a friend's address.

A few days later in Shreveport Louisiana I spotted this truck and snapped a photo from the car.


  1. Elsie always makes me smile. I do believe she is the happiest cow around!

  2. Oh I like that cow! She almost makes me wish I lived in the country and could have a cow for milking.


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