Sunday, April 21, 2013

Menu Plan Update - Week 16

We're trying to use up what we have before we buy stuff. 

It has continued to be dreary and wet for most of the week.

Lunches continue to be each to his own, salads, cheese, salmon.

 Lunch -
Dinner -  ground turkey meatloaf with baked potatoes.

Lunch -
Dinner - chicken with baked potatoes

Lunch -
Dinner - homemade pizza

WEDNESDAY went photo shooting with a friend on the only sunny day this week.
Lunch - with BFF at the Duke of York
Dinner - leftover meatloaf and boiled potatoes with cauliflower

Lunch -
Dinner – homemade pizza

Lunch - 
Dinner -  Blue Jays game at Rogers Centre, yes, they lost. Dinner was ball park hot dogs with friends.
No, I didn't take this photo last night, it is from 2011. That's the Roger Centre nestled between the two condos with the CN Tower behind it.

Lunch -
Dinner -  Steak, baked potato and broccoli

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