Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sepia Saturday - April 6

Sepia Saturday's theme this week is on old ruin or a castle.

I chose "old ruins" with this photo I took of the USSR pavilion at Expo 67 in Montreal. I had a season pass and spent a lot of time at Expo with family and friends. I guess that practically makes me on old ruin as well!!

I found some fascinating information about Expo 67 at this web site.

Crossing the LeMoyne Channel by Minirail to Ile Notre-Dame, visitors will see the silver grey pavilion of the Soviet Union to the left, with the dates 1917-1967 over the main entrance to mark the fifty years of the U.S.S.R.
The pavilion is linked by Minirail with the Ile Notre-Dame station of the Expo-Express and with the Métro system at Métro Sainte-Hélène. One of Expo's largest buildings, it combines modern distinction with elegance and grace.
As its approach to Expo's theme Man and his World, the U.S.S.R. chose: In the name of Man, for the good of Man.
The scope of the exhibits is on a scale commensurate with the activity of a dynamic country of 230 million inhabitants. In Cosmos Hall, Soviet space technology is on display and visitors can experience the sensations of space travel while comfortably seated in armchairs...there is a major exhibit devoted to Atoms for Peace...other exhibits describing the Soviet way of life, urban and rural...economic, scientific and engineering relations and aid to developing and culture.
The pavilion has a 600 seat theatre for Soviet shows. The restaurant, café and snack bar offer a wide variety of delicious food and drinks from many republics of the Soviet Union.


  1. Interesting shots. I haven't heard of this meme I will investigate it. 67 was a few years ago but I don't think you are an 'old ruin' quite yet. and then again how should I know. LOL NOT!
    My sis was living in Lethbridge than and did attend the EXPO. MB

  2. I attended Expo 67 - I must have been 13. I had a wonderful time - loved all the exhibits and some of the buildings still stick in my mind. I've thought about doing a post about it sometime. Thanks for the link too. It was my first and only visit to Canada. Guess that makes me a ruin too!

  3. Wonderful shot of the castle. I used to to the Sepia scenes but had not been able to find it again. Thanks for the link.

  4. Thanks for sharing this interesting snapshot from your archives. I followed your link to the Expo67 site, and went on to visit the Kodak Pavilion, although sadly there weren't any interior shots.

  5. I remember that there was a lot in the news in UK about Expo. I wasa teenaager back then and would have taken an interest. I think I would have loved to visit; how fortunate you were to have a season ticket!

  6. The only event like this I have visited was the Festival of Britain in 1951 when I was 14; I would have enjoyed Expo 67 more being that much older.

  7. The Russians were not great architects were they? But this was an interesting post about the expo.

  8. I wish I had gone to that expo.


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