Saturday, June 23, 2018


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I'm not sure I will post every day but will try. I plan to only use Toronto roofs.

Bloor St. West

Salad Days

June 2018 - Toronto ON
Cee's Odd Ball Challenge

US Open means John will be glued to the TV. But we did do a run to Humber Nurseries, Ontario's largest garden centre and one we frequented a lot when we had gardens.
This photo doesn't do justice to the size.

We wanted some house plants and some plants for the balcony.

I need some decorative pots for these.

Pizza for dinner.


John was couch-bound for the US Open. I puttered and debated going out but settled for reading, tidying my wool stash, watching MasterChef Australia and making raspberry ice cream.

We finally got around to trying out our new deep fryer and we had a great dinner of Buffalo chicken wings served with French fries along with the requisite carrot and celery with ranch dressing.


I managed to avoid being caught in a torrential downpour on a hot and steamy day when I went downtown to return an item.

Tuesday Treasures check out the vintage Canadian cooking exhibit we saw last week.

I went to College Park to Dollarama for some plant pots and other odds and ends.
I also popped into Winners' for some picture frames and a couple of t-shirts for John.

The Royal York Hotel was looking very majestic.

We had P.F. Chang's Asian chicken lettuce wraps for dinner and I made the peanut dipping sauce but it didn't work as well with the wraps.

And what a sunset we had!


I went out later than usual with a plan that changed when we got stuck in traffic. The Blue Jays played at 12:30 and the stadium was emptying out. It was mainly school kids, school is almost over so the school boards are using up their outing money. The area was clogged with school buses. The police had Bremner closed and Blue Jay Way was closed to southbound cars. Police were in attendance but not bothering to direct traffic so chaos abounded. Pet peeve in the city these days are inconsiderate drivers blocking crosswalks.

A twenty minute ride became an hour.

Dinner was carbonara but this time I bought the pancetta (spicy) from the deli counter and it was much better than the packaged stuff.


A glorious day as my BFF and I headed to the AGO by way of City Hall as it was Indigenous Day and the Toronto sign had a medicine wheel to celebrate.

This couple had just tied the knot at City Hall and were having their pictures taken.

To the AGO for lunch. Chicken pot pie which was delicious.

This summer the AGO celebrates the power of Inuit art by bringing together two extraordinary artists – Kenojuak Ashevak and her nephew Timootee (Tim) Pitsiulak – in our major exhibition of the season. Ashevak and Pitsiulak represent two generations of Inuit artists who have challenged viewers to respond to their art and the Inuit world view in new ways. The exhibition will be the first time Inuit art is showcased in the AGO’s largest exhibition space, the Sam & Ayala Zacks Pavilion, and will be Pitsiulak’s first major gallery retrospective. The exhibition will feature key art works and sketches by each artist, enabling visitors to appreciate the strength of drawing as an expression of Inuit cultural heritage that engages everyday life at its deepest level.


The Royal Ontario Museum, ROM, has a ticketed exhibit on spiders! Ticketed, as in "not included with the entrance fee".
Not a fan of them at all! And if there is a web, you can be sure I will walk into it.

Yup, that's me.

But we need to have lunch first, again at the Museum Tavern where we ate last week. And I scored my letter Y for this week's Roundup!

We placed our orders and got our wine when the bartender asked if we liked Manhattans, yes, we replied. He says, I may have something for you.

He pours liquid nitrogen into two glasses.

Steak frites for both of us.

 The ROM from a different angle.


THE EXHIBITION Click here for an audio tour

Spiders are one of the most remarkable animals on the planet! They spin webs, dance, swim, and even grow back lost limbs. Come face-to-face with nearly 400 live and preserved amazing arachnids in Spiders: Fear and Fascination. Entangle yourself in the world of spiders with the ROM Spider Lab, challenge a Peacock spider to a dance-off, explore a recreated spider cave, and experience a web of hands-on interactives, incredible augmented reality, and more!

A fun interactive.

John, trying to step on spiders.

Another interactive, this time, I am standing in front of a screen and the spiders are finding my silhouette and walking all over me!


Reading the fifth book in the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo series The Girl Who Takes An Eye For An Eye  and thought it was well done.


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