Saturday, August 19, 2017

inSPIREd Sunday

I found this in my drafts folder from 2013!! I looked back and found a post from 2015 where I had gone inside.

October 2013 - Toronto ON

The Church of the Holy Trinity is an Anglican church in downtown Toronto, Canada at Trinity Square.

This church sits in the shadow of the ugly massive shopping mall (shudder) Eaton Centre in downtown Toronto. The square that surrounds the church is a mecca for the homeless and the smokers from the surrounding office towers.

Also nearby are two courthouses. The church motto on its website is "offering justice in the heart of the city".

It offers a sanctuary from the bustling commercial surroundings. 

The Church of the Holy Trinity opened in 1847 following the gift of an anonymous donor (later revealed as Mary Lambert Swale of Settle, England). Mrs. Swale had stipulated that all pews were to be free and unreserved, a tenet of the High Church party in England at the time.

Located behind the Eaton Centre, adjacent to Holy Trinity Church, can be found 6 Trinity Square which was , the home of the Reverend Henry Scadding between 1862 and 1901. The historic plaque on the building reads: "Scadding was born in Devonshire, England in 1813, and came to Upper Canada in 1821. Educated at Upper Canada College and Cambridge University, he was ordained to the Anglican priesthood at St. James Church, Toronto, in 1838, and the same year became Master of Classics at Upper Canada College. In 1847 Scadding was appointed first rector of the nearby Church of the Holy Trinity, where he served until 1875. He lived in this town house, which complements the church and was designed by William Hay, from its completion in 1862 until his death. Here Scadding, a noted scholar, wrote numerous religious, literary, and historical works, including his best-known books, 'Toronto of Old'(1873) and, in collaboration with J.C. Dent, 'Toronto: Past and Present' (1884)."

Friday, August 18, 2017

More Murals - Underpass Park

August 2017 - Toronto ON

This is the remaining murals from Underpass Park.

Underpass Park People

Work in progress.

And in case you thought it was just murals a sizeable playground is located in the middle section of the park, between St. Lawrence St. and River Street. With a teeter-totter, hopscotch, 4-square, swings and playful climbing structures, the playground offers something for all ages. The area also includes a series of park benches and flexible community space that can be used for markets, festivals and seasonal public events.
There is a farmers' market every Thursday starting at 3PM.

The eastern-most section of the park, east of River Street, includes two basketball half-courts, and an extensive skatepark featuring a series of obstacles, rails and ledges. There is also a flexible open space that can be used for community events.

Back to murals!

Underpass Park People

August 2017 - Toronto ON

John and I headed out on Thursday to see the murals at Underpass Park.

Underpass Park is located between Cherry Street and Bayview Avenue, under the Eastern Avenue and Richmond/Adelaide overpasses.

Troy Lovegates and pal Labrona are painting portraits of 16 people on 16 overpass pillars in the West Don Lands urban park.