Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day 11 - Homeward Bound

Mason OH - DH decided we should check out Golfsmith's for a golf cart he wanted. As we drove from the hotel we noticed a huge grey cloud that could only be something burning. DH jokingly said he hoped it wasn't the mall we were going to. As we waited in traffic at the exit we wondered what was causing the jam. 
Therein lay the problem, the fire WAS a tire shop on the street where the golf shop was.

DH bought his golf cart and we got on the road. We decided to have lunch at Cracker Barrel since we had only eaten there once on this trip, in Amarillo TX way back in November when we started this journey. Now if you know me you know I love Cracker Barrel.

The great thing is you can have breakfast all day which is what we opted for.

 We had an uneventful drive through farmland.

After some discussion we decided to make a stop at the Football Hall of Fame in Canton OH, as it is a running joke between us. We had gone there in 1992, however years later DH claimed we had never been until I produced a photo of him standing in front of a display.



They are in the middle of an expansion but it was still a great place to visit.

We stayed overnight at the Hampton Inn in Akron OH.

This Hampton Inn was bracketed by a Holiday Inn and a Marriott. The Holiday Inn had an upscale steak restaurant chain which was within walking distance. We had had prime rib the night before and as our server confided this wasn't the place for prime rib. DH had a beef us jus and I ordered ahi tuna and we shared a huge order of roasted Brussel sprouts which was a highlight for us as we were missing our vegetables. I know, sad....

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  1. We are getting a Cracker Barrel about 10 minutes from our house and when I saw the sign at the building site I pulled over immediately to text my husband. We're fans of CB too. ;) I know that driving through the heartland is uneventful but I love it. Especially as the sun is rising or setting. Just something so...nostalgic?...about all those rows of corn and silos.


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