Friday, April 19, 2013

Sepia Saturday - April 20

Sepia Saturday

173 : Now this particular photograph is just plain odd. What on earth is going on here I can't begin to imagine. But we all have odd old photographs in our collections and here is your chance to feature them.

I am not sure why my uncle is dressed in this odd way!!! I am guessing this was a Christmas party but...
I can't determine if this is my aunt's apartment in Montreal or my mom's kitchen, I'm leaning towards my mom's because of the cookie jar!!


  1. Maybe Halloween, but you Mum did not get the image developed until Christmas used up the film??

  2. It's a little too early for a Tiny Tim "Tiptoe Through the Tulips" routine. But we can be grateful he made the odd-photo Sepia Saturday rounds. HA!

  3. Hijinks at Christmas - what fun.

  4. Trying on someone's gifts? Don't suppose he knew he end up featured on a blog some day.

  5. We have both gone with similar photos this week and, interestingly enough, from about similar dates. United in oddness!

  6. Yes, I think it was halloween. People don't usually dress up for Christmas unless it's as Santa.
    Fun post.


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