Friday, April 26, 2013

Saturday's Photo Hunting

Keyhole Pictures - this week's theme is coffee or tea.

I used to be a tea drinker but over the years of working I became a coffee drinker.

This was taken last spring in Austria as we were on our way to Salzburg, home of The Sound of Music!

We stopped for a break along the autobahn and how I wish our highway stops were as pretty as this. Landzeit own and operate the restaurants and hotels along the autobahns in Austria.
We ordered the Mozart Kaffee as was recommended by our guide and we were given the mugs to take with us!

Mozart Kaffee recipe
1 1/2 oz Mozart® Black chocolate liqueur
5 ozhot black coffee
1 1/2 oz whipped cream

Pour mozart and coffee into an irish coffee cup, and stir. Top with cream, and serve.


  1. I need to get some Black chocolate sure looks and sound good.

    Mine is up and the drinks are on me.

  2. That looks delicious!!! Thank you for stopping by my photo hunters too :)


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