Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Day 3 - Homeward Bound

Oklahoma City

It was really cold and overcast when we went out to the car so we hurried back inside and ut some layers of clothes on. We decided we would head to the Cowboy Museum for the morning.

The museum opens at 10AM however the restaurant doesn't open until 11 if you were planning on having coffee.
The Museum is wonderful. There are sections on the history of the rodeo, old cowboy westerns, the Cavalry, and the life of cowboys and ranchers.
I will add a few photos here and then do a separate post with more photos.

We stopped for coffee before we left and were served by a delightful elderly gentleman in his western finery. All the volunteers were attired in their cowboy boots and denim.
When we stepped outside it had warmed up and the sun was out. We drove to the Historical Memorial
They suggest you visit the museum first and then go to the memorial. However, the memorial takes your breath away and we forgot that advice. I was lucky that a guide asks if I had any questions and I asked him about the display of chairs. He said there is are nine rows of chairs representing the nine floors of the building, with each row having a chair for each of the 168 people killed in the explosion. The children are represented with smaller chairs. There are five chairs sitting against the fence and represent the five people killed that were not in the building.
Again I’ll do a more detailed post at another time.

From here we went to Bricktown. Bricktown, a once abandoned old warehouse district, received a much needed facelift with the passing of MAPS (Metropolitan Area Projects) in 1993 when Oklahoma City took on a massive public facility enhancement project.
We parked and went into Tapwerks for lunch. Bad decision but great beer selection. I ordered the Guinness stew which must have come from a can it was a gluttonous stew of thick gravy, mushy vegetables and stringy meat. DH ordered the buffalo chicken wrap and asked the server when it came whether it was supposed to be hot. She took it back and after a very long wait it came back and was no warmer.

We wandered around Bricktown which is much like the Riverwalk in San Antonio but smaller. It was very quiet as it was a workday afternoon. I imagine it would be a lot of fun in the evening and on the weekends.

On our way to a friend’s house we made a stop at the State Capital.
We had a great time catching up with o friends and enjoyed an Indian buffet.

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