Friday, August 9, 2013


July 2013

I can't believe July has come and gone. It was a busy month for us. I've added links to more details.

We had planned a driving trip to Calgary and had bought our tickets for the Calgary Stampede when the floods came and we cancelled our trip. Then on impulse on July 3 I was able to cash in some frequent flyer points and we flew out on July 5 to visit our friends.

Our friends took us to Lake Louise.

And a stop in Banff.

Heritage Park and Gasoline Alley


Gasoline Alley

Gasoline Alley

Lots of food available - my hot dog!


The Midway


We visited downtown

The Famous Five

Family of Men

The Bow

We had our two bathroom tub/showers replaced. The installation took three days and the cleanup took us a week and then we had fun decorating the two rooms.

We converted the en-suite tub into a walk-in shower.

We replaced the tub in the main bathroom with a soaker tub.

We visited with friends several times, the guys golfed and the girls shopped and took photos of my GF's grand-daughter.

We added some new touches to our condo. Note to self- do not hang your art immediately after moving as you will decide to change everything out!


Another day of golfing for the guys and we checked out the British shop.

As part of our hunt for the perfect burger we went to Wallace and Company, a great burger and a fun place.

I got a chance to attend the Five Nations Pow Wow in Brantford with my GF and her daughters. The colours and energy was amazing.

We stopped by our old neighbourhood to visit and take a friend to breakfast. This is her garden.

We took her to Rashers, a bacon restaurant.

We paid our first visit to our friend's grand-daughters.

BFF and I went on a photo-shoot in Toronto.

Chinese Zodiacs at City Hall

We visited Campbell House.

We left on July 31 for a short driving trip to Grand Rapids Michigan.


  1. Wow! That certainly was a busy month! Lots of places to see, good food, friends, and remodeling all wrapped up in one month!

  2. Seems you had a very busy and varied month! :)


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