Saturday, August 10, 2013

Look What I Got!

Just received an email from a blogger and real-life friend nominating me for a Super Sweet Award!!
You can read her post here at The Eyrea where Katherine will keep you enthralled with her incredible writing.

I am also copying her post here:

.Back in June (!), Helen Howell nominated Larry Kollar and myself for the Super Sweet Blogging Award. Like Helen, nominating a baker's dozen of bloggers would be difficult for me, just because frankly most of the people I would nominate have already received (very deservedly) multiple awards.

Here are the questions for the awards, along with my answers:

Cookies or cake? Cake, so long as it's not too goopy. Strawberry shortcake, malt loaf, carrot cake, or angel food cake with fresh fruit are all good.

Vanilla or chocolate? Vanilla, so long as it's the real deal. I don't like chocolate cake at all.

Favourite sweet treat? Depends on the season. For summer, a bowl of ripe cherries is perfect.

When do you crave sweet things the most? Right after a meal, especially if it was strongly flavoured. It doesn't have to be a big dessert though. Usually I just have a piece of fruit.

Sweet nickname? Can't think of any.

I'm going to nominate Jake at Junk Boat Travels and Tara and Artemis and Friends. Not only are they in-real-life friends, but they blog about totally different things than I do, which helps me get out of my head.

So here are my answers:

Cookies or cake? Cheesecake and Hummingbird cake, funny because I first had this with Katherine in Atlanta. Cookies - currently my favourite to make is Mexican chocolat chip.

Vanilla or chocolate? Chocolate

Favourite sweet treat? Salted caramel ice cream we discovered in Las Vegas.

When do you crave sweet things the most? Not very often but sometimes love to have a chocolate bar in the middle of the afternoon.

Sweet nickname? Not something anyone has ever bestowed on me LOL!


  1. You are so much quicker at this stuff than I am!

    I'd totally forgotten about the hummingbird cake -- shall have to try that out again. I still make key lime cheesecake from once in a blue moon.


  2. Congrats ~ and love the photo of the cupcakes ~ they look yummy ~ carol, xo


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