Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Travel Photo Thursday

I'm posting over at The Budget Travelers' Sandbox.

August 2013 - Holland, Michigan

Pledge of Allegiance: A delightful collection of children honoring the flag. Artist: Glenda Goodacre. 


  1. What beautiful sculpting and what power in these images!

  2. I love the expressions on the faces!

  3. What a great piece and great shots of it!

  4. Nice photo. I was just wondering today whether or not my kids still remember the Pledge of Allegiance since we haven't lived in the USA for 2 years now. Of course, I still remember it even though it's been ages since I had to recite it every day at school.

  5. What a unique statue. I hadn't said the Pledge of Allegiance in years until about a month ago at my twin niece and nephew's high school graduation. It felt very patriotic to say it as an adult. I'm inviting you to link up on my blog on Wednesdays for Wanderlust Wednesdays. This week's link up post can be found here:


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