Thursday, September 18, 2014

Weekend Cooking

September 2014 - Toronto ON

Last Sunday I went to the Roncesvalles Polish Festival. Look at the crowds! But it wasn't as bad negotiating through these crowds.

Last week I posted food photos from the Taste of the Kingsway Festival.

More photos of the Polish Festival here and here.

It is North America's largest Polish celebrations.

Can you smell the smoke?

Barque Smokehouse were at the Taste of Toronto in July and I really loved the duck taco that I tried.

Malbeque oysters were a dollar each.


  1. I'd be going for some of that Polish baking!

  2. Aren't you the lucky one to have the chance to go to food festivals? There are so many great food choices, but my husband would zero in on the perogies.

  3. food festivals are always so much fun.

  4. I'm torn between my mouth watering from the food and having anxiety because of that crowd! It looks like a lot of fun though. I haven't experimented with Polish food too much so I'd be excited to try everything.

  5. A Polish festival - that sounds really exotic to me! Cheers from Carole's Chatter

  6. Wow, that's a big festival -- look at the crowds! Thanks for taking us along via your fun photos.

  7. If only we had visited Toronto during this festival! My husband would have been in hog heaven.


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