Monday, September 29, 2014

And to Think I Saw It...Sep 20-26


I usually just take one photo of the weekly flower displays, however there is also a small arrangement in another hallway.


My Town Shoot Out - Seasonal Change
Saturday Snapshot - Word on the Street
Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Saturday - I made cranberry gorgonzola quiches to take to my BIL's tapas and wine party to celebrate his new apartment. Located in downtown Hamilton it is above a storefront. He has the second and third floors of what used to be a department store.

Sunday was a gorgeous day and we headed to Word on the Street. Click here for more photos.

We also stepped into Victoria College to check it out. Click here for some great photos.

Monday was a cool day and I only went out to get some salad ingredients. Other than that we just relaxed.

Tuesday John golfed and I went to get my hair cut on Yonge St. It was a perfect autumn day so I sauntered up Yonge St.

Wednesday we headed downtown to Kensington Market and got sidetracked in Chinatown where we had lunch. 
Click here for more photos.

Thursday John golfed with a friend and I went shopping with a GF. We didn't buy much but I scored 2 TWO pairs of shoes for $40 regular cost $140. A new picture frame for the wall.

Friday - we drove to Montreal for the weekend and stopped in Port Hope.



Saturday I mentioned above that I made quiches to take to a cocktail party.

Sunday we had our weekly steak dinner.

Monday I made a vegan chocolate apple cake from this recipe at A2K's blog, one of the first bloggers I started following. I'm not sure if it is going into my recipe box.

We had quiche (to use up the ham) and salad with apple, walnuts and gorgonzola topped with a homemade vinaigrette.

Tuesday I made a chili and my first time ever pretzel rolls which were so good. The salad had slivered endive and snap peas with walnuts, apple and feta cheese.

Wednesday we had leftovers from Tuesday.

Thursday we were out with friends at The Tin Cup in Burlington. John had fish and chips and I had halibut.

Friday we drove to Montreal and had a quick lunch in Port Hope. The service to get a hot dog and fries was thirty minutes!

Dinner with family, salad, lasagna and brownies - all good!

My Recipe Box - Click on the links below for the recipes mentioned above.
Cranberry gorgonzola quiches


On Tuesday the condo did annual maintenance on the dryer and bathroom vents. I came home and he was busy working (there was a security guard at my door when I got off the elevator). He spent at least two hours and then gave me a list of items that need repairs.



Columbus Ohio

African Lion Safari 


  1. The statue of Mr. Layton's a good touch. I recall a couple of times seeing him on a bike coming back from downtown to whereever he was living here.

  2. A busy and varied week. I love the statue of Jack Layton! And now I'm suddenly feeling very hungry.


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