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Highlights Washington DC Day 3

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Travel Photo Monday

August 2014 - Washington DC

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Our frustration with the Big Bus HOHO continued this morning (we had bought a 48 hour ticket) as we waited and waited and waited outside the hotel stop at Washington Circle, another thirty minutes wasted. Finally it came and we rode it to Union Station to pick up the another yellow line to take us to the green line.

More shots of Union Station - it is so stunning!
Look at that china blue sky!!!

Finaaly I managed a shot of this sculpture, behind the Columbus sculpture, a 2.1 scale replica of the Liberty Bell. The bell, which was founded by Petit und Fritsen, weighs 8 tons and has a support structure of post and beam style with two concrete shafts.

Our main goal this morning with John humouring me was the Washington Cathedral.

This part of the yellow line was new to us and it definitely merits another visit, on foot, but that will be on another trip.

This trip to the green line is taking longer than we expected and now this!!!
Overexposed but it is almost noon!
To the left of the photo is the White House and the police cars has stopped traffic and the crowds gathered as Obama is expected.

So we wait in the hot blistering sun...
These ladies were visiting from England.

Finally, we move. I guess Obama was running late? Blue umbrellas are the Willard Hotel where we had lunch yesterday.

 Dupont Circle, not really far from our hotel, where I would also like to spend more time.

Lots and lots of food trucks to select your lunch.

Finally! We get to the stop for the green line and there is actually a trolley waiting for us. Not really great for photos as there isn't an upstairs.

Adams Morgan is yet another cool area that I'd go back to investigate. It is considered the center of Washington's Hispanic immigrant community, and is a major night life area with many bars and restaurants, particularly along 18th Street (the primary commercial district) and Columbia Road. Much of the neighborhood is composed of 19th- and early 20th-century row houses and apartment buildings.

We make a stop and the Zoo, which is part of the Smithsonian, so it is free!!! A couple of passengers get on, totally frustrated with the long wait.

After another loop around the Morgan Adams area we finally get to the cathedral around 12:15 and the driver says she will be back at 1:00. So off we go to explore the cathedral which I will feature in a future inSPIREd Sunday post.

The Cathedral Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul in the City and Diocese of Washington, operated under the more familiar name of Washington National Cathedral, is a cathedral of the Episcopal Church.

 Quelle surprise! We are waiting at the trolley stop at 12:50 and one doesn't arrive until 1:20, not the driver who said she'd be back at 1!!

 We are now hungry and aggravated as decide to get off at the first area that shows some restaurants. We take a tour along Embassy Row before we get back to the stop for the yellow line outside the Hilton hotel.

Lovely homes in rock Creek

We get off at the second stop in Georgetown.

FOOD! It is again gone 2 PM.

Warm pretzels with mustard!

 We share the Charcuterie Board - Cured Meats/Chef's Gourmet Cheeses/ House Made Assorted Pickles/Whole Grain Beer Mustard/ Dijon Apricot Mustard which was more than enough for both of us. It was all delicious, especially the cheeses.

A short stroll through Georgetown, it was very hot and I am not interested in shopping in the same stores we have at home.

Amazing a bus shows up within five minutes. We get off near the Natural History Museum and enjoy the air conditioning.

John needs to make sure his elephant still dominates the lobby.

We walk back to the hotel along Pennsylvania Ave.

 Which takes us to the front of the White House.

Oh, looks like someone is expected home, as the secret service start blocking even more of the street of making us veer off our course.

American Revolutionary War hero, General Comte de Rochambeau, in Lafayette Park stands right, and I mean RIGHT) in from of the White House.

We put our feet up for a while and then decided we would walk over to the BTS, Brugers, Taps and Shakes for dinner just across on Washington Circle.

This is a very casual, inexpensive burger joint. You walk in place your order and find a table. However, if you sit at the bar you are served.



  1. The Cathedral in particular is magnificent. And I'd like to check out the Spy Museum.

  2. Although I've visited D.C. several times, I'm convinced that one could devote years to discovering what Washington has to offer, yet barely scratch the surface.
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