Saturday, September 13, 2014

And to Think I Saw it on....Sep 6 - 12 2014

Last Week's Recap


Saturday was a laze around the house day, blogging, movies, golf and tennis on TV.

Sunday we went to the Taste of The Kingsway, a short bus ride away. Beautiful day, lots of food, amusement rides, entertainment.

More photos here and here.

Watched Toronto's Jully Black entertain the crowd. It just so happened that on Monday morning she was performing on City Line.

Monday John had a meeting and I went to Longo's. While I was waiting for the shuttle I noticed some new statues outside ACC Air Canada Centre.

We decided to wander downtown to check out TIFF Toronto International Film Festival. We stood outside the Hyatt at King and Widmer.

Imagine! I used to work in that building, I would have been able to get amazing shots from the third floor.

Laura Dern very graciously shaking hands.

John spotted Michael Moore coming out through the Hyatt garage and snapped this photo.

We had a beer in Gabby's, only because they have a good patio directly across from TIFF headquarters.

Tuesday started with some mundane activities, Costco. Then we shuttled downtown to have Indian food at Aroma, a buffet.

287 King St. W., Toronto, ON

There was a large crowd gathered outside the Hyatt again today. We should have arrived a little earlier as it was hard to get a good spot, there were also a lot more limos waiting therefore blocking the view.

Sam Worthington

Jennifer Aniston taking a selfie.

I used to work in this area and saw a lot of these new condos being built, but it was a shock to see them completed and towering over us. We wandered around gaping!

John St. has a pedestrian friendly area.

Wednesday - some much needed household chores, laundry, tidying up. Made a fruit cobbler from fresh fruit that we had frozen, apples, blackberries, strawberries, cherries, blueberries.

Friday - got an unexpected text from a GF asking if I wanted to meet her downtown and hang out. YES! we decided to go to Winner's at College Park as she had never been there and I was always saying how much good stuff I find there. Two hours later, 20 tops between us tried on and we were happy campers. K bought two tops and a LOVE sign for her photography sessions. I also got two tops, a picture frame, cushion (obsession of mine) and a couple of drying cloths.

Then we settled in for a gab fest over lunch.

Friday My Town Shoot Out

The condo put on a dinner and show featuring a tribute band The Bee Gees. I heard it sold out and was a great success. This is one of the tents before it was taken down on Friday morning.


Finally I think we are getting somewhere and should have our bathroom cabinets delivered this week.

I keep forgetting to post this new picture I bought for our kitchen a few weeks ago.
Michel Syvain

Saturday - steak, mushrooms, green peppers and onions served with toasted baguette.

Sunday - roast pork, brussel sprouts, carrots.

Monday - chicken divan  - photo below waiting to go in the oven.

Tuesday - after Indian buffet for lunch we opted for sausages, egg and fried tomatoes for dinner.

Wednesday - ham, broccoli and au gratin potatoes.

Thursday - I saw this recipe on TV this morning and decided to make it for dinner. I used chicken thighs instead as I had some. Garam masala chicken with aloo gobi. This will NOT be going into my recipe box. The chicken was ok, nothing special. The aloo gobi (potatoes and cauliflower) was too dry.
I do have an aloo gobi recipe in my box and it is so much better than the way it was cooked in this recipe.

Friday - salmon roasted with honey, carrots and Greek potatoes.



New York City

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