Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Highlights Washington DC Day 5

August 2014
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Alas, it is our last half day here in the Capitol. We have to leave for the airport by 1 PM. So how should we spend our last few hours? Hotel checkout is noon.
We sleep in a little. Determine if we want to just hang out and decide HELL NO let's walk to the Lincoln Memorial and climb up and give Abe a visit.
First we saunter to Starbucks and sip our lattes on the patio watching all the industrious worker bees flitting to work at George Washington University, the State Department or the Ronald Reagan Hospital.

Photo taken at the Smithsonian

Right! 10:15 time to walk down to the Mall.

 Stunning view of Arlington from the back of the memorial.

What should we do now? Why, let's find the Martin Luther King Memorial that we drove by the other day and couldn't get a glimpse.
Of course we didn't take the direct route as this map shows, instead went the longer way but returned along the black line.
We didn't go over to Jefferson as we had past him several times and had some good shots.

 Back to Constitution Ave and we grab a cab back to Washington Circle, another Starbucks visit for cold drinks. Retrieve our bags at the hotel and are waiting for our limo at 12:45. A thirty minute drive to Dulles Airport and we are through security in relatively quick time considering that the lines were long.

Flight takes off on time at 4 PM and we are home by 6:15.


  1. What a lovely montage- thanks for sharing your time in DC- ,looks wonderful!

  2. Both the Lincoln and King memorials resonate with real power.


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