Friday, September 26, 2014

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September 2014 - Toronto ON

Word on the Street took place last Sunday. The day dawned dull and rainy. But the sun came out and it was a very warm 22C or 72F, feeling much warmer.
My husband reluctantly decided to come with me, books aren't really his thing. He was, however, very impressed by the end of the day and stated he hadn't realized how much Canadian authors there were!

I haven't gone to WOTS in years and the venue is now at Queen's Park, perfect for this type of festival. 
It was huge!!

A beer tent!

Let's just say that many books got added to both our TBR lists. We also bought some.

One of my favourite displays.

Frances Itani - I can't believe I had not heard of her. She sets some of her stories in Deseronto where my BFF grew up. I was so excited I whipped a note to her only to have her say that her mother had gone to Frances' book signing a few weeks ago and had bought the book for gifts.

Tosca Reno

Gordon Henderson - new to me but I will be reading Man in the Shadows after listening to him.

Andrew Pyper - I loved Lost Girls.

Elysie Friedman

Interesting statistic - Toronto Public Library costs 2 cents of every city dollar and some politicians think that's too much!!
I bought one of the library bags as I borrow from them weekly.


  1. A little something for everyone there!

    Libraries are our first line of defense against ignorance. Given some of the politicians who think that funding them is a bad idea (hmmm, Dougie, perchance?), I sometimes wonder if that fight is being lost.

  2. What a fun event! Looks like amazing things for even non-bookish folks. Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

  3. Wonderful that you can have this experience. I just came back from TO a few weeks ago attending TIFF. Next year I must try to stay longer for WOTS!

  4. What a great day. Sad to say I don't think I'd heard of any of your Canadian authors this day. I can definitely see how your TBR grew.

  5. Great family event! Loved seeing so many children with parents ... readers are made at a young age ... right? Events like these are so important for kids to attend!Looks like there were events for every age and interest! Very cool, indeed!


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