Thursday, September 18, 2014

Friday My Town Shoot Out

I'm posting over here this week.

September 2014 - Toronto ON

Streets - Show us your towns streets and corners. This can go from highways, to rural country roads. What is your favorite street and why?

My favourite street, at the moment, is Queen Street West. As a relatively new "westender" (less than two years) we have had fun simply hopping on the streetcar getting off wherever we fancy. It is an eclectic mixture of old and new.

These photos are from Gladstone to University so it is a broad and diverse range of city life.


  1. I know some of the stores. It's such an eclectic stretch of road.

  2. It is always fun to walk, looking for new findings. It is interesting to see the painting on the tree. It seems you have a great painter in your town.

  3. I always enjoy a stroll along there too!


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