Monday, July 28, 2014

Fontana CA

November 2008 - Fontana CA

We did some Route 66 side trips on our vacation in Palm Springs CA that year.  We used this book to guide us.

Bono's Italian Restaurant was opened in 1936 to supplement Bono family farm revenue. Both the restaurant and orange stand are on Foothill Boulevard, which is old Route 66 in Fontana. The restaurant appears locked in time as many of the original plates, utensils, chairs and tables are still visible through the windows. It is as if the restaurant was closed normally one night and just never opened again.


  1. Quite peculiar.... seems a more useful thing to make use of the place.

  2. More of Route 66 is always a good thing! Thanks for sharing your trips.

  3. Posts from Route 66 are always welcomed in my book! Thanks for sharing your trips.

  4. This is awesome. I love Route 66.

  5. Wow....quite nostalgic....what a wonderful, 'old time' route!! Gotta love it all.


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