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And To Think I Saw It...This Week July 5 - July 11 2014

Last Week's Recap

Condo Weekly Flower Arrangement

Saturday was a magnificent day, warm and no humidity. We took the streetcar downtown.
We get on at Marine Parade and get off at University. We really enjoy this meandering trip through so many diverse neighbourhoods.
We can also take a bus to the subway but that actually takes longer is far less scenic.

Map of route 501 Queen on diversion

As we were disembarking we noticed that University was closed for a parade. 

We spent the next two hours enjoying this parade of people from around the world.
More photos here and here.

It was thirsty work so we relaxed at the Duke of Richmond.

As we sat we saw a wedding party taking photos. What a great spot for photos, outside old City Hall.
I, of course, had to go over and get some photos.

Check out the groomsmen's socks and laces.

Then we headed over to our original destination the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition.
You can see the old city Hall where the wedding party were.

Definitely one of my favourites, a blending of new and old photos depicting Toronto. You must click here and see Harry Enchin's stunning work.

Home by streetcar and then a relaxing evening with leftovers for dinner. 

Sunday we wanted to go out for breakfast. The place I chose was really crowded as we set out late (tennis was on) so we went to another place The Olive. Weird place and the food was rather greasy in my opinion, not John's.
Picked up a light shade at Canadian Tire for the pantry and spotted The Future Bakery outlet across the street.

We then went to the Distillery District.

Dinner was steak and sweet potato fries with broccolini.

Monday I headed off to the ophthalmologist. As always she was running behind.
The Lions' Club was wrapping up its international conference at the ACC. They were showing Saturday's parade on the big screen.

I then stopped and picked up salmon and new potatoes for dinner. here is the recipe I used for the salmon.

Tuesday we went to the theatre and had dinner at The Three Brewers. We've been before and really do not like the place, way too noisy and freezing cold. Service is mediocre but the mussels were quite good.

We saw Return to Grace at the Ed Mirvish (previously Pantages, then Imperial then Canon) Theatre near Dundas Square on Yonge St. photo above showing the square as we wandered around. It had rained all day and looked like it might again.

Steve Michaels easily personifies Elvis Presley and provided great entertainment backed up by a great band.
It is easy to see why Michaels is world known for his impersonation of Elvis.
Michaels is a home boy hailing from Milton Ontario.
 There was a little too much gospel for my taste in the first act. The second act is a tribute to the 1973 Aloha concert from Hawaii which has to be one of the best concerts of all time.
While he is changing costumes there is a narrator giving an annoying version of 1960s history. The audience was not pleased when he referred to "president Pierre Trudeau"!! Do your home work!
Thank you, thank you very much!

Beautiful theatre!

Wednesday was lamb, a new recipe that we really liked. I also took out my breadmaker, for the first time in a long time and made mozzarella bread. and served it with the lamb and strawberry walnut salad with a new and delicious salad dressing that I immediately added to my recipe box..

Thursday we had sausages, tzatziki and salad, I added feta cheese this time to the salad.

Friday John golfed and I went shopping downtown. We had my BIL in for dinner and we went to the restaurant in the building.

We picked up some new kitchen stuff while looking for bathroom stuff.

We got the shower curtains up in the bathroom and hung the new photo I had framed. Photos to come. I found some hand towels and a glass for the room as well. I also went shopping "at home", a favourite activity of mine, and moved a floral candle from the living room to the bathroom.

Another example of shopping at home: I was thinking I needed an ironing board when a light bulb went off and I realized I had one already in the kitchen!!! Here's a link to a blogger who wrote about her chair, step stool and ironing board. Hers is the same as mine.
Now I need to re-paint mine and make an ironing board cover for it!! I'm thinking black or white to match the kitchen.

More decluttering and discarding of papers. There is now a bag for Goodwill.



Lake Louise Banff Alberta


  1. Wow, I am impressed by all of these photos. I love the shots of food...and the train inset against the backdrop was an eye-catcher.

    Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

  2. Those wedding shots in particular are marvelous, Jackie. The socks are a riot!


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