Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mazatlan March 2013 Recap


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Hola, amigos!!

I am finally writing a recap of our Mazatlan stay this year!

As part of our first winter vacationing down south, we drove from Las Vegas on February 16 and stayed overnight at the LAX Hilton. We ere able to leave our car in secure parking for the next two weeks.
We then flew Alaska Air to Mazatlan Mexico from February 17, 2013 to March 5. 

General information about Mazatlan

We booked our pick-up from the airport with the timeshare office and it is about 45 minutes to the condo.

We had been to Mazatlan in 2002 with family.  We stayed in the same timeshare resort Vacation Internationale Torres Mazatlan, we have been owners since 1982.

The grounds of the resort are outstanding especially the view from every balcony of the ocean.

Every night you are treated to a magnificent sunset.

The condo has a bar and restaurant on site as well as a small tienda or shop. The provide all kinds of daily activities and entertainment.

The city bus stops outside the condo and for $1 you can ride to various parts of the city. We like the older area which feels more authentic.
You can also take the local taxi or pulmonia as it is known which can be quite windy in the evening.

Or you can take a cheaper form of taxi, the driver waits until he has a full load.

More photos can be found at this link Fishing.

Plaza Machado is in the historic district and is quiet during the day but comes alive at night with outside restaurants, artists and entertainers.

The city market is an amazing place and we love shopping there. You can find almost anything!

For more photos chick here Mazatlan market.

Eating in Mazatlan is a delight as you can find most food even all the fast food (yuck) chains are here. There is street food, fine dining, family style, buffets and mexican themed evenings.
We had burgers, some of the best ribs I have ever had, ahi tuna a personal favourite and shrimps galore.

There is the Shrimp Bucket on the other side of town. It is a little overpriced  as you can get as good as elsewhere.

The Shrimp Bucket is in an excellent location and the area has many interesting statues. Over here you will also find the cliff divers.

You can take a tour to the town of Concordia known for its making furniture.

A trip to Malpica is a delicious one with a stop at the bakery.

But back to food and especially the Shrimp Ladies which are a highlight of visiting the heart of Mazatlan.

I wrote in detail here about buying your shrimp from the ladies and then having one of the restaurants prepare it to order for you.Shrimp Ladies Lunch

In Mazatlan you have it all.


Flower markets 

Walks along the beach



Hasta la próxima vez or until the next time... adios and vaya con Dios.


  1. What a great lot of photos. I'm drooling over all the shrimp and wish I could have dinner of fresh not frozen shrimp for a change.

  2. Colourful, exotic and interesting photos. You've really captured the diversity and piqued my interest to visit one day for sure :)

  3. I've never been to Mazatlan or even seen vacation pictures from there. It looks like you had a fun time and had plenty to do. I'll take those magnificent sunsets but will pass on the butchered heads, please. For some reason, I find it funny that Alaska Air flies to Mexico.

  4. Lots of great photos! Somehow, despite living in Texas for a good portion of my life, I've yet to visit Mexico.

  5. fabulous images. I have never been to this part of the world, so thank you for the tour.
    Have a wonderful week. I am linking up through Travel Photo Thursday.

  6. Great photos - but none of the Ribs from Fat Fish....
    Bill can hardly wait to get back to Mexico.

  7. Mazatlan is definitely full of color. You've gotten some eyecatching photos. Love that one with the bird on the beach. Beautiful!

  8. Wow, these photos are great and really gave a wonderful overview of Mazatlan. I was only there for a day during a cruise stop a few years ago so I'm glad to see everything I missed. This post certainly made me hungry.

  9. Hi, I have just discovered your blog while looking for information on the Gargoyles at Strasbourg Cathedral. I enjoyed your piece from 2011 I think it was and decided to press your home button afterwards. Glad I found you. I will enjoy coming back.

  10. Great tour. Have been to Cancun and Cabo, but not Mazatlan. Now I want to go! I remember eating at a Shrimp bucket in Cabo. I wonder if they are a chain.


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