Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Gordon Ramsay BurGR

  We had a mission to work our way through Gordon Ramsay's restaurants in Las Vegas:Steak,  his  Pub and Grill and finally BurGR.

We started with his most expensive upscale Steak and ended at his least pretentious casual burger joint.
It has been an amazing culinary experience with nary a bad word about food, service and ambiance. It has certainly raised the bar for any further dining experiences.
After this experience I can see us going back to his venues to work our way through the appetizers and desserts.

BurGR is located immediately inside the Las Vegas Blvd doors of Planet Hollywood. We had some show tickets to pick up so we wandered around the Mile shops and were surprised that there was also a branch of A Cheeseburger in Paradise located there, a restaurant that we always go to when in Honolulu Hawaii.

We were meeting friends that were in Las Vegas for a vacation at noon at BurGR in Planet Hollywood. This is the most casual of his places in Vegas and it doesn't take reservations. We sauntered back around 11:40 and were placed on the waiting list. The hostess took our phone number so she could text us when the table was ready. We took a seat in the bar to await our friends.

We were seated and our server was amazing, she could explain every item on the menu.

Here is a video prepared for their opening in December.

We ordered drinks and some appetizers to start.
First up were jalapeno poppers, which I dislike in most places as they are just generic, frozen, dropped in a deep fryer.
Not these!! There six poppers served in shot glasses which contain homemade cheddar bacon ranch dressing to soften the heat. We were also warned that one of the poppers had the seeds left in it had an extra surprise.
DH must have gotten that one, it was the smallest on the plate but he loves any kind of heat so didn't even blink while the rest of us oohed and ahhed about the heat we were feeling.
These were delicious which is an understatement.
This photo is not a great one.

Since I had raved about the pork belly at the Pub we sampled an order as it only contained two buns and we cut those in half.
I would go back and have several orders by myself! 

Then we shared an order of onion rings which we were promised that the onion wouldn't do that slithery thing that usually happens.

Next we ordered our burgers, two Hell's Kitchen with jalapenos and avocados for the guys, one Uber and one Britannia.
Burgers are, of the burgers are intensely flavorful, cooked over an open flame fueled by hard woods. The burgers are made with cuts of short rib, brisket and chuck and basted in Devonshire butter, which adds to the rich taste. Burgers are served on milk-based brioche buns, made fresh daily and topped with sesame seeds. I will have to learn how to make these buns as they did not get wet on the bottom nor did they fall apart.

We, very wisely, decided to only order one fry, truffle parmesan. These fries are hand-cut and thrice cooking will ensure extra crispness. Also they use Kennebec potatoes offering a lighter, less starchy and crisper fry—perfect for the signature curry ketchup and chipotle ketchup.

We had tried the sticky toffee pudding in his other two restaurants so we decided we would order to share. This would be my open disappointment, these are served as push-up pops which is clearly stated on the menu, however I just did't get a taste of the toffee and it also said it was a salted peanut butter but there was no flavour of that either.
But we still enjoyed them!

Everyone proclaimed everything delicious!!!!


  1. my mouth is watering. Glad you had a great time and enjoyed the meal.


  2. Oh gosh, I'm drooling too now - what a delicious looking feast! I would've happily had seconds...and thirds...:)


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