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May - June 2017 - Toronto ON

Highlights of our week.

Photo taken Bed Bath and Beyond Toronto

This was the view out our window on Saturday morning. it didn't entice us to go to Doors Open as we planned.

I had ordered two of these. We assembled one of them and put it where the spices are. Now I need to get some other jars for some of the items that are in too-big containers

The lazy susan that I had shown you a couple of weeks ago got moved to the corner cupboard for cans. It makes it much easier to reach.



And the new spice section.

Dinner was easy, baguette cheeses and pate with a movie, an oldie, but I hadn't seen it, The Devil's Advocate 1997.Classic story of selling your soul to the devil. Enjoyable.

The Devil's Advocate Poster

inSPIREd Sunday
One Word Sunday

Sunday we head out to Doors Open.We had picked the furthest places and drove.

Fool's Paradise - Doris McCarthy, CM, O.Ont (July 7, 1910 – November 25, 2010) was a Canadian artist specializing in abstracted landscapes.

Fool’s Paradise was the home and studio of Canadian landscape artist, writer and educator Doris McCarthy (1910-2010). The site overlooks Lake Ontario along Toronto’s Scarborough Bluffs. McCarthy first visited the property during a sketching trip in November 1939. She was immediately inspired by the landscape views and picturesque setting, and purchased the property for $1,250. In 1940, she had a small cottage constructed on the site by local builder Forest Telfer.

McCarthy’s mother, Mary Jane, saw the purchase as extravagant, referring to it as “that fool’s paradise of yours.” The name stuck in McCarthy’s mind and the property soon became known as Fool’s Paradise. Originally, the cottage was a summer retreat, but it became her permanent home in 1946.

next stop was the R C Harris Water Treatment Plant, doesn't sound very inspiring, does it? It is a fantastic art deco building. This photo was taken on a previous visit when it was not open to the public.

We had planned on the Don Jail, but there was a lineup and we discovered we can visit it anytime on our own.

Next was St. John the Baptist Norway, an Anglican church.

We made a few stops for murals along the way. Here is a sample.

By Uber 5000 on the Pizza Pizza outlet at Victoria Park and Kingston Road.

By: Bill Wrigley, 2014.
Location: Kingston Rd and Danforth, Toronto

The Western Gateway Mural is a dramatic Underpass mural painted on the Cenotaph Underpass at Kingston Road and Danforth (opposite Variety Village). This Underpass mural welcomes visitors and residents entering from the west into southern Scarborough with an array of local landscape travelled through butterfly migration.

A signature project of City of Toronto’s Cultural Hotspot: East and supported by StreetARToronto’s StART UP Underpass Program.

On Sandown Lane, painted by the artist BC Johnson, wilderness scenes on the outer walls of Ikki Sushi at 2328 Kingston Rd.

I couldn't find any information on this one. It is on the side of a Wild Wing restaurant.

We tried a new Canadian gluten free pizza mix from the Bulk Barn and it is a reasonable price at $5.50. It was quite good but the instructions did not say to cook it first, something I would do next time.

Monday Mural
Good Random Fun
Foto Tunes Part 2
Monday Walks

Monday was a gorgeous day and John headed out to golf while I ran various errands including picking up a Canada Parks pass as they are free this year in honour of our 150th anniversary. I also renewed my photo ID card which actually didn't take that long.

A trip to the $ store then for some additional storage containers for the spices. There was plenty of Canadiana merchandise for sale.

I also found an incredible mural but You'll have to wait until Monday for that.

John met friends for dinner so I had chips and eggs.

Tuesday Treasures

Tuesday we spent the morning planning a road trip to Vancouver. Then we headed out to buy a plant for the balcony but traffic was horrific and it poured, again! So we turned around and came home. John went down to work on his golf swing.

For dinner I made a chicken Parmesan, the best one ever. I used chicken thighs, gluten free homemade bread crumbs and did not double dip into the egg and breadcrumbs.

We watched Florence Foster Jenkins with Meryl Streep which we really enjoyed.

Wordless at Doors Open

Wednesday John had an appointment and I headed downtown to meet my BFF and a visit to the Textile Museum, one of my favourite "little' museums in town. There were two exhibits we wanted to see.

Kind Words Can Never Die presents an extraordinary collection of Victorian needlework mottos stitched by anonymous women and girls in the mid- to late-19th century.

We then looked at Huicholes – A People Walking Towards the Light showcases the art and lives of the Huicholes, an Indigenous group from western Mexico whose history dates back 15,000 years. Featuring dazzling yarn paintings created using traditional techniques, the exhibition includes ceremonial objects, handmade textiles and photographs documenting a unique and threatened way of life.

From there we strolled over to City Hall and found a new sculpture.

Gave Churchill a quick wave.

Sunny skies...

The skies opened as we ate our poutine (from a food truck)! Luckily we were sitting under this overhang as everyone rushed for protection. The weekly Farmer's Market was taking place and it was packed along with lunchtime workers, not that you'd know by this photo.

The PRIDE flag was being hoisted for the month of June. The flag underneath is actually pink and blue and is the transgender flag.

Once home I decided to make potato salad to go with our burgers as John was golfing.

Thursday Doors
June Monthly City theme

Thursday John left early for a golf tournament and I took the 9:35 bus downtown. First I went to College Park to return the second Spicy Shelf as I had no use for it. Then I went to the $ store to get a large pot for the plant that John picked up for me yesterday.
Then I booked a cooking class for us next Tuesday and picked up some groceries.

I also picked up the most delicious lunch from the grocery store, a trio of lobster rolls for $6.99, this will be next go-to lunch on the run.

Then it was the usual chores, laundry, clean up, blog, repot plant etc. I also finished the baby blanket, read my book and watched Master Chef Australia before making my dinner of chicken and potato salad as John is eating at his tournament.

SERIOUSLY check out this insane dessert from Master Chef Australia!!! You must watch!

The recipe is 77 steps! Click here to watch the episode.

Here's the recipe should you feel a need for a challenge today!

Friday Finds
My Town Shootout - where do you shop?
Weekend Reflections

We did some shopping and mural hunting.

Dinner was steak with sauteed mushrooms green peppers and onions along with some pickled beets that I made.

I learned something cool this week, use a hairdryer to melt chocolate!

I finished The Widow, a good read but any comparisons to Gone Girl or The Girl On The Train just don't cut it. it is a good read but not exceptional.

I started Missing, Presumed and am loving the writing along with the storyline. The female characters are incredible.


1 old stained spatula but it was replaced with two new ones.
John - pair of jeans
Jackie - bra, jeans and a pair of leggings
Oil dispenser - I really liked it but the cork never fit properly so shaking it was not a good idea.

Some storage jars as I cleaned out the cupboards, we don't have a need for non gluten free graham cracker crumbs or breadcrumbs. However, some new jars were bought.

8 magazines - unsolicited, we don't pay for any magazines, these are from various organizations such as museums.


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  1. Well now I want Chicken Parmesan! I love your pantry reorganization. It's always so great to get stuff just the way you want it. The murals are gorgeous. What a treat to see when out and about.

  2. Your Doors Open shots are my favourites. That plant is quite amazing!

    We've had the first day here of our Doors Open, and I had fun. More of that tomorrow.

  3. love that Mexican art! Good job with the spices. Cheers

  4. I love the murals! You found so many great ones. Great job on the baby blanket. It always feels so good to finish a project. That hairdryer trick is great. I'm definitely going to remember that one. Good job on the decluttering. And the samplers you saw remind me that there's a needlework exhibit opening near me next week. I have to remember to go.

  5. Your blanket is great, my stitches are never that even or pretty, #jealous!
    Well I certainly love the murals and artwork and now I want one of those spicy racks too. That would be great for organization in the kitchen. Tortonto looks like a lovely city to explore.

    Sushi! Yes! We just had it for my birthday, I need to post about it for the next Weekend Cooking.

  6. What a busy week! The murals are stunning and your baby blanket is gorgeous. Isn't it liberating to be well organized? I always find out of date stuff when that happens.


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