Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Contemporary Art

June 2017 - Toronto ON

Since I was at the AGO for a class I decided to visit this exhibit.

I'm not sure that I would consider these pieces as art, but then, each to his own. That said, I did enjoy looking at the pieces and reading the titles helped me understand what the artist was saying.

From the AGO magazine:

The collection showcases the AGO’s significant collection of Latin American contemporary art and highlights artists who create works that explore the world’s uncertainty. Many of these works will be on view for the first time, including a number of works by Cuban artists that joined the collection as a result of a decade-long partnership with Sherritt International Corporation. The exhibition will occupy Level 5 of the Vivian & David Campbell Centre for Contemporary Art, and will showcase works from 25 artists in various media, ranging from works on paper, paintings and sculptures to large-scale installations.

Wasted Time Glenda Leon
Silence is where one can find balance—there is so much talking, so much wasted time. Wasted Time, is a mountain of sand with an hourglass peeking over the top. It’s sort of a pessimistic work, as it gestures at lost time—it’s as if at each point the hourglass has been turned over, sand has slipped through the glass, collecting into this enormous pile. But don’t mistake my work for being escapist—it’s not—I want to pay attention to the real root of how transformation and solutions occur. There’s already enough noise in the world, don’t you think?

Marepe's Empilhamento I Stacked 

Wilfredo Prieto's One:

Vik Muniz, Fairy Roses, after Fantin-Latour (Pictures of Magazines 2), 2012I had to get close to realize that these roses were created by cutouts from magazines.
click here for more of Vik Muniz's collages.
This I really liked! I also enjoyed researching his works and would love to see more of them.

Another favourite.
Jac Leirner's To And From Walker
Leirner created a work titled To and From (Walker) with the participation of the staff at the Walker Art Center. It is a collection of various sized envelopes connected by polyurethane cord and plexiglass.
In this time of electronic communication, this is not something we see every day.

Postcapital, (2006), a signature work by Havana's Carlos Garaicoa

An elaborate wood, metal and plaster sculpture depicting a miniature city fashioned from famous international buildings as they appear on national currencies, Postcapital is the first Cuban art acquisition in the museum's history.

Postcapital's Canadian connection is a section that recalls the Parliament Buildings as they appear on the Canadian $10 bill.

Gabriel Orozco Trashcan opera,995

I kept the first piece for last!


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