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A quick overview to our weekly rambles with links to detailed posts.

June 2017 - Toronto ON

Photo taken on Queen St W restaurant is now closed.

Check out these milkshakes!

Weekend Green

We headed out to Aurora to track down a mural I had seen online.

Then headed to Doors Open in Stouffville, about 40 km north of the city.

First stop was in Lemonville to see a church.

Lemonville United Church
The first services were held in a frame schoolhouse in 1854 and were moved to the first church building in 1856. Newly designated under the Ontario Heritage Act, the current church was constructed in 1869 and is situated adjacent to the cemetery, where grave inscriptions date from 1857.

Forever Thyme provides a safe and peaceful forever home for retired horses.

You've gotta love this family of Canada geese crossing the road!

Altona Mennonite Meeting House

Built by pioneers who emigrated from Pennsylvania, this 1852 brick meeting house has never been renovated. It contains original unpainted pine pews and floor. The cemetery is the burial place of the founder of Stouffville, Abraham Stouffer, and his family.


A mural on Main St.

Not easy to see!

Last stop and it took forever to get home!

Dinner was easy cheeses pate crackers and baguette with movies.

inSPIREd Sunday from last week's Toronto Doors Open
One Word Sunday
Good Random Fun

Lazy day, rainy morning and lots of road closures were enough to keep us at home.

I was all ready to make a cheesecake and discovered I was missing the bottom of my springform pan. We searched everywhere with no luck. We decided it must have gotten thrown out with the last cheesecake although that doesn't seem right.
Oh well, I've had it for years and years and there are probably better ones out there now.

Dinner - lamb chops  grilled cabbage with spicy lime sauce (I brushed the sauce on the cabbage before grilling), John liked the cabbage, I'm not sure I'd make it again.

Monday Walk Textile Museum of Canada visited last week
Monday Mural spotted last week

John ran a couple of errands, took our Cuisinart blender in to be repaired, it is under warranty. fifteen minutes and done $0. Then he did a Costco run, not $0!!!

I went to get a replacement springform pan and came away with a new toy.

A Cuisinart kitchen scale, I have seen these used so many times on My Kitchen Rules UK and Australia. I put it to immediate use. It is great and I learned a new word in the process.

Definition of tare
1: a deduction from the gross weight of a substance and its container made in allowance for the weight of the container; also : the weight of the container
2: counterweight

I can put a bowl on the scale, hit the "tare" button and the bowl is weighed and then the weight is subtracted when I add the ingredient I want to weigh.

For dinner I made a pork san choy bow dish, these are becoming my favourite meals!
Here I am, all organized. This was really good!

Another cheesecake recipe, this one is very light and airy. I wouldn't bother with the chocolate chips next time. I made the salted caramel for the first time as well and it turned out great.

Salted caramel chocolate chip cheesecake.

Tuesday Treasures - Doors Open 2017

I was up bright and early for a 9 AM class at the AGO, another rainy day.

Mindful Movement. Slow Looking: Georgia O'Keeffe
Learn to slow down the body and mind through a new way of looking at art.
Each week, students will respond to a selection of different Georgia O’Keeffe artwork through slow yoga movement, meditation and sustained looking.

No photos allowed at the exhibit, so I googled a couple of the ones that got my sustained looking.

Ansel Adams, a friend of hers, the same church.

Image result for ansel adams church hernandez

Image result for georgia o'keeffe shell 2

I thoroughly enjoyed being in the museum before opening hours and seeing the O'Keeffe exhibit without the crowds. This class also taught us to really look at the paintings rather than just viewing a show. I have signed up for another one in a couple of weeks.

I decided to stay at the museum and came across these fine specimens.

Auguste Rodin (1840 -1917)
H. 197 cm ; W. 76 cm ; D. 77 cm
The well-developed musculature, which suggests great physical strength, contrasts with the bizarre pose, which calls to mind a tormented being. Pointing his finger towards the ground, Rodin’s Adam seems to emphasize his earthly bonds, whereas Michelangelo shows man at the moment when God confers the divine spark of life upon him.

There were also two other Rodin sculptures (Eustache de Saint-Pierre and Andrieux d’Andres Vetu) who were part of the Burghers of Calais.

I then headed up to the 5th floor to see As If Sand Were Stone: Contemporary Latin American Art from the AGO Collection which deserves a post of its own.

Click here for lots more contemporary art.

I had never come up here before and there is a small gallery where you climb down the amazing staircase that is on the back of the AGO.

Photo from another visit on a much nicer day!

View from the staircase.

I then had lunch in the Members' Gallery, always delicious and peaceful.

This was the crab and shrimp slider. Another first for me, the sauce in the front is sambal.

Sambal is a hot sauce typically made from a mixture of a variety of chili peppers with secondary ingredients such as shrimp paste, fish sauce, garlic, ginger, shallot, scallion, palm sugar, lime juice, and rice vinegar or other vinegars.

Definitely spicy!

Then home for an afternoon of blogging and reading.

John and I headed out to Longo's for the cooking class I had booked us on.

Come out and join Chef Heather Johnson tonight for a trip around the world in two hours. You’ll get to sample a little bit of spice from three different regions. Our delicious and glutenfree menu includes a stop in Italy with a mushroom Bolognese served over penne pasta. Next we’ll head North to Egypt where we’ll enjoy roasted snapper and dukkah spiced greens. Finally for dessert, a hint of the tropics with coconut, chocolate, and peanut butter squares. 

Click here for a review of the class along with recipes and photos.

This is the snapper being prepared.

The sun was setting as we waited for the bus.


Wednesday is John's weekly golf game and I headed downtown with no plans other than to get some gluten free tortillas for John at Metro.

Something's going on at the Sony Centre??

I found a new Winner's! Winner's is the Canadian equivalent to T J Maxx. I bought 2 tops and a sweater.

 I decided on the Front St. location across from St. Lawrence Market. And, of course, Metro being Metro this location didn't have the brand he likes. I needed celery but $4.99, seriously? I am across from the market so "hell, it's got to be cheaper there"???
Metro has these great murals in their stores based on location.

Apparently not, celery was $4.99 at the market, at all stalls. I asked and she said well lettuce came down so something had to go up? She was as frustrated as I was.

A new park is almost completed behind the Flatiron building, Berczy Park. Photo below from same article.

The plaque below this statue reads:

This sculpture was donated by The Historical Society of Mecklenburg Upper Canada Inc., with the financial assistance of The Consumers' Gas Company Limited and The Council of Metropolitan Toronto, in memory of Johann Albrecht Ulrich Moll, better known as William Berczy, born December 10, 1744 in Wallerstein, Germany. He was co-founder of York (Toronto) in 1794 when John Graves Simcoe was Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada. His younger son, Charles Albert Berczy, was the first president of The Consumers' Gas Company, from 1847 to 1856, and Postmaster of Toronto. His older son, William Bent Berczy, was a Member of The Legislative Assembly of Upper Canada and, like his father and mother, a gifted painter.

 I can't wait until they take the fencing down.
At the top of the fountain; a giant bone. Around it? Sculptures of 27 dogs and a single cat.

I have never made clam chowder, no idea why not, so I rectified that and made it for dinner. No real recipe just browsed a bunch and came up with it. It was really tasty!

Thursday Doors

I went for a mani pedi in the morning and then we went shopping for a new laptop for me. I love my old one but it is in bad shape and slowing down after five long years of overwork. The hinge has also snapped. She certainly has travelled the world as well. She's been to Asia, Australia, Mexico many times, the States many times, New Zealand, France and Germany.

John couldn't believe that I used duct tape on her.

My in-house technology consultant getting it set up.

Dinner was fajitas. 

My Town Shootout  Summer
Weekend Reflections
Friday Finds

John headed out at noon to play golf.

I went downtown to wander around and get a haircut.

Scotiabank had a band and was handing out popsicles to celebrate World Pride Month.

It's summer! Food Markets are popping up everywhere. This one has loads of international selections.

Back home to some needed house cleaning.

For dinner we had our usual steak with loaded baked potatoes this week.

Dessert of the Week from Masterchef Australia only has 51 steps this week.

Ice Cream Float with helium filled toffee balloon


Finished Missing, Presumed as well as Raven Black. I enjoyed both authors, both new to me, enough that I will look for more of their works.

Thumbed through a cookbook from a local gluten free  bakery, Bunner's. We had a chocolate cake from here a month ago and it was fantastic.

Bunner's Cookbook.jpg

I enjoyed some of the tips provided for gluten free baking.

I'm also listening to Consider The Fork How Technology Transforms the Way We Cook and Eat. Not sure I will listen to all of it. It's a good distraction to having to listen to people nattering on the shuttle.
Image result for consider the fork

I started an old Ruth Rendell Speaker of Mandarin. It's one of her older ones and is a little slow.

Not much this week.
Pair of capris and a t-shirt from me. But then I shopped and brought in three things. So will have to get rid of something else.
New laptop so the old one will have to go along with a bunch of other electronics at some point when we get them all organized and wiped clean.


Friday Photo Journal

Weekend Cooking hosted by
Beth hosts Weekend Cooking where you can post anything food related.


  1. At first I thought that was a real dog at the fountain! Great photos and as always, fun to travel through your blog.
    We have the Canada geese here too. They cross busy roads and I just hold my breath that no one will plow them down.

    I also enjoyed Presumed, Missing and would like more from that author.

  2. What a wonderful visit. So much beautiful art!

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  5. Beautiful, colorful pictures. I'm looking forward to photos of Berczy Park, once the fencing is removed -- especially that doggy fountain!
    My Saturday Snapshot post features waterfalls.

  6. I love that Forever Thyme provides a safe home for retired horses. I'm a huge fan of murals and sculptures so I really enjoyed this post!

  7. Eclectic and fun post! Have a great week. Cheers from Carole's Chatter

  8. As always, love your weekly roundup post. The horse farm is a great idea -- so important and caring. Love the old buildings and the sculptures and am jealous of your cooking classes. I'm going to have to look around my small community and see if there are any classes. Oh no on the lost springform bottom, but that salted caramel cheesecake looks absolutely amazing. Super murals, too. I've been considering Consider the Fork; did they make a documentary from that book? I need to investigate.

  9. Duck crossing! So cute :) :) Life need never be boring, need it, Jackie? Let me know when you're doing that pork dish next and I'll stop by. Many thanks for the link.

  10. Fun!!! I especially love the sculptures!!

  11. You must be back home! Ah O'Keefe, Adams and Rodin are all favorites of mine! Am smiling about your cooking and food spree - you have so many interests - I love it!! Thank you much for sharing your day to day musings with All Seasons - have a great time being back home!

  12. You certainly know how to enjoy each day. You did so many fun and interesting things during the week. Hope you keep having fun! #FarawayFiles

  13. Loved the geese crossing the road, the pink contemporary art and that inviting stretch of road. We will be driving 1300 km in two days time so I'll be seeing lots of that then!

  14. Hi Jackie, great photos, love the one of the ducks in the road! Will they ever learn?

    Thank you for linking to the #MMBC.


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