Friday, June 23, 2017

My Town Shootout

My Town Shootout

Jun 23: Fields - Share with us your favorite fields in and around your town.

June 2017 - Toronto ON

I live in a big, big city with no fields around for miles.
But we live by Lake Ontario so we are steps away from wide open spaces.

There are bicycle paths, walking paths and hidden paths.

Lots of wild flowers.

An adorable birdhouse is at the edge of the butterfly garden.

Raccoons can be spotted.

Other Challenges

May 12: Down the road - What is your favorite road or street from your town? Share with us paths you walk on.

May 19: Escape - Where do people from your town escape to during weekends and holidays?

May 26: Fruits of the Season - What fruits are ripe and freshest at this time of year in your town?

Jun 2: Stores - Where do you shop? What is your favorite place and what do you buy?

Jun 9: Summer Approaching - Are the days warmer? Share with us early summer sights.

Jun 16: Work - What does a typical day at work look like for you? Don't work? Share with us images of working people from your town.

Jun 30: Around the house - What is your favorite thing to do or see around your home.

Jul 7: Summer Drinks - Share with us your favorite summer drinks and beverages served in your town.

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  1. Wonderful shots- but your raccoon is my favourite of them!


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