Sunday, August 23, 2015

Monday's Walk

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Monday's Walks

August 2015 - Toronto ON

We started the day at a meeting downtown on the 53rd floor of an office tower on a rather overcast day.

Some artwork in the office.

A large mural  outside the branch in Scotiabank.

I've taken you around this neighbourhood earlier but I was back to visit the Textile Museum so here's another view from this week.

I wanted to see the Frida Kahlo exhibit. I am a huge fan, click here for an exposition we went to in San Diego last year.

You couldn't take photos of the actual textiles but were allowed in the section devoted to the photography of Nicholas Muray.

Muray and Kahlo were at the height of their on-again, off-again, ten-year relationship when these pictures were taken. Their affair had started in 1931, after Muray was divorced from his second wife, and shortly after Kahlo’s marriage to Mexican muralist Diego Rivera. It outlived Muray’s third marriage, and Kahlo’s divorce and remarriage to Rivera, by one year, ending in 1941. They remained good friends until her death in 1954.

I won't show all the photos I took as this is meant to be a stroll around the area.

Some cushions in the gift shop, I would have liked one but like most museums the merchandise is overpriced.

Back outside I strolled along Dundas to Yonge St.

There are many choices for food within a two block radius.

At Yonge St. the H & M store is under major renovation so they have creatively created an outdoor art display.

"Cutting edge international fashion retailer H&M and OCAD University’s Faculty of Art are pleased to announce an exciting new competition, ‘Toronto Loves Fashion! Fashion Loves Toronto!, a venture that will feature OCAD University’s fastest growing specialization in the vanguard art form of Digital Painting. H&M is looking for work from up to 8 artists to be displayed on the temporary construction hoarding in front of the H&M Toronto flagship store at Dundas and Yonge Streets."

Click here to see the OCAD building.

You can sit and rest a while as I "need" to make a stop in H&M for a couple of sweaters and a purse.

Back outside on Yonge St. and it is starting to rain.

Coming down harder now so I cut into the Eaton Centre a place I never like to be in. No more photos as I continued my trek underground to catch the shuttle home.


  1. Nice series! Lucky you to have seen the Kahlo exhibit. I didn't know Toronto had a textile museum ... I must put that on my list if I ever get back for a visit.

  2. I imagine she was pretty fascinating and I quite like her work too.
    Zeytouna will do for me :) Enjoyed our ramble! Many thanks :)

  3. The textile museum is a great place.
    It's neat that there is some description of the artists o the H&M wall, but I really like the Richtree foodtruck!!

  4. The office art work suited me. Anytime I've been down in the PATH network, I've never had a problem finding my way around. It's very different on the weekend, though.

  5. Other than Frida Kahlo, the hyacinths and the stall in the camper van caught my eye. (Enjoying your Irish posts btw).
    Anabel's Travel Blog


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