Sunday, August 23, 2015

Day Trippin'

August 2015 - Toronto ON

As mentioned in an earlier post I took my cousin's daughter to the ROM Royal Ontario Museum to see Pompeii.

Here's our day trip. 
We went for a short walk along Lake Ontario.

We took the shuttle to Union Station and the Air Canada Centre.

Posing with   Johnny Bower, click here for more photos of these hockey icons.  John William Bower, nicknamed "The China Wall", is a Hockey Hall of Fame goaltender and the last goaltender to win the Stanley Cup for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

A few steps away another photo op. She was going to be a great model for today's shoot.

Into Union Station and onto the subway for a short ride to Museum.

Renovations to the station's platform level were completed in April 2008 to evoke exhibits in the Royal Ontario Museum. Supporting columns have been remade to resemble the ancient Egyptian deity Osiris, as well as Toltec warriors, Doric columns found in the Parthenon, China's Forbidden City columns, and First Nations house posts.

Sculpted by Les Drysdale "Toltec" 

They incorporated painted 1/4" fire-rated Lexan into the panels composing the large "MUSEUM" lettering on the walls with a historical hieroglyphic inscription from the ROM.

It's hot what's a girl to do but have ice cream?

While we were sitting here I was trying to decipher the old-fashioned etched name on the building across the street. DEPARTMENT OF HOUSEHOLD SCIENCES.

Being me I had to google this the next day.
Lillian Massey Treble (1854-1915), philanthropist and educator, was the daughter and joint heir of Hart Massey, founder of the Massey-Harris firm, the biggest manufacturer of agricultural machinery in the British Empire at the beginning of the last century. Devout Methodists, the family were generous patrons of the university—Hart House is named after Lillian Massey’s father and Massey College was a gift of the family—and keen social reformers. An early advocate of ‘scientific household management,’ Lillian Massey persuaded the university to institute a four-year degree programme in household science in 1905, which she endowed with a building to house the teaching staff, classrooms, laboratories, and recreational facilities for university women, including common rooms, a gymnasium and a swimming pool (the latter survives, preserved under a false floor).

I had visited the Viva Mexico exhibit earlier in the year, click here.

Fooling around with the reflections.

 Click here for a more detailed review of the Pompeii exhibit.

 We left Pompeii and went into the Africa section.



Digging for dinosaur bones. The kids have to wear goggles and the smaller ones were "encouraged" to keep the sand within its confines.

The  ceiling in the old section.


Onto China

Someone's a little tired so we head back. But suddenly has energy to go swimming!!!

And then out to dinner.


  1. Great place for a day trip! She looks like she enjoyed it!

  2. A wonderful series of shots! She seems to have had a blast!