Sunday, August 23, 2015

Pompeii (in Toronto)

August 2015 - Toronto ON

Click here for some photos of this stunning building.

ROM, Royal Ontario Museum is a huge museum that I have written about many times.
I took my cousin's daughter, ten years old on a visit this week.

The museum was packed with tourists and day camp groups. So the noise level was high and the kids in general were unruly and uninterested in the displays. But then some adults could be added to that group as well. When they say No Flash Photography please obey and also don't scream for your kid from the other end of the floor.

We headed to Pompeii In the Shadow of the Volcano, here until January. A little disappointing as it didn't have as much background explained. I thought they could have made it more visually interesting for the kids.

According to the Globe and Mail review:
The lighting is bland, the mise en scène antiseptic and bereft of atmosphere, the interactive elements pedestrian (“Wear a toga!” “Make a mosaic!” “Lift the amphora!”). In short, there’s no drama; it never gets its groove on. Indeed, the exhibition’s preparators have striven so hard to demonstrate the contemporary relevance of the ancient Romans that Pompeii finally feels as if it’s a trip to a road show in a shopping mall, not a rich museological journey to the otherness of the past.

A beautiful intricate portrait made out of mosaics.

Wear a toga, ours wasn't very accurate!

Make a mosaic.

Bay of Naples on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius and a huge amphitheatre erected in 70 BC.

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  1. I'd like to go to Italy and see the real site myself. That reminds me, there's an exhibit on the Greeks here I need to photograph.