Thursday, August 13, 2015

Look Up Look Down

Look Up, Look Down challenge hosted by Travel With Intent.

July 2015 - Toronto ON

OCAD University formerly the Ontario College of Art and Design is a public university in the Grange District adjacent to the AGO.

In 2000, funding was secured from Ontario’s SuperBuild program to build a fifth extension to the Main Building. Through Rod Robbie of Robbie/Young + Wright Architects, Will Alsop of Alsop Architects was made aware of the project and was eventually selected in 2002. A joint venture was formed between the two firms and the new building, now known as the Sharp Centre for Design, was completed in 2004. The design, which came out of a process of participatory design,consists of a box four storeys off the ground supported by a series of multi-coloured pillars at different angles and is often described as a tabletop.


  1. It certainly is eye catching! So that's what that means...

  2. Very nice. Great to see the art and design carried through to the exterior of the building.


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