Friday, October 17, 2014

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October 2014 - Toronto ON

Toronto has a Nuit Blanche festival every year and several displays remain on view for the following week.

There were a couple that I wanted to see.

Made in China, 2014 installed in Chinatown!

Maria Ezcurra - Montreal / Mexico City, Canada / Mexico

The installation is composed of clothes labeled “Made in China,” donated by the community and set in a Chinatown alleyway. This collaborative piece functions as a façade filling an empty space between two buildings, creating in this way both a physical and a symbolic connection among cultures.

The work is about connections between Eastern and Western societies, between old customs and current trends, between globalization and tradition. It is about how we see and understand ourselves from other views, and vice versa. But mostly, it is about trying to build a bridge in which we are all represented, as a society as much as individuals.

Made in China is an anthropology of our shared present. Clothing in this project is perceived as an effective artistic medium for knowing and learning in new ways about ourselves in relation to others, thus symbolically connecting individual knowledge with culturally produced ideas.

Big Top Grand Stand, 2014

SuttonBeresCuller - Seattle, USA

The vast bright and colourful structures of a festival or circus are surrounded by dazzling sounds, sights and smells. Ubiquitous concession stands and mobile exhibits make up much of the landscape. Vying for attention amongst the crowds, these transitory structures rely on brilliant lighting, color and height to stand out.

In response to transitory environments common to fairs, festivals and circuses, SuttonBeresCuller have created a large migratory outdoor sculpture. This monument comments upon the aesthetics of its environment. Atop a 16' flatbed trailer, four unique structures neatly nested within each other telescope skyward, extending into a baroque sculpture. Adorned with flashing lights, vibrant flags and reflective surfaces, this flamboyant homage has turned the concession stand into pure sculptural form.


  1. Some creative work by the artists. I had seen that wall of clothes in a news article.

  2. Very interesting display. I like all of the bright colours.

    Sean at His and Her Hobbies

  3. Amazing. I'm always curious about those huge public art. But that clothing installation is a bit eerie... like the aftermath of a disaster.

  4. Wow!! Now that's colorful! Great photos!

  5. You are so lucky to live in a metropolitan area where you can see such amazing art! Thank you for sharing it!

  6. You get some interesting events near you. :)

  7. Very cool public art. I love the Made in China piece. Such an interesting structure and texture.


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