Friday, November 24, 2017

Tutti Frutti

November 2017 - Boca Raton FL

Boca Raton  - November 2017

Last Week Recap
Day 4 - Pooler GA to Boca Raton FL
One Word Saturday

We drove from Pooler (Savannah) GA to Boca Raton in about seven hours.
Temperature was 28 C or 82 F when we checked in and went for groceries.

Some billboards along the way.

Our condo
This is an inner courtyard with the living room on one side, the kitchen on the opposite and the hallway. I think it is my favourite "room".

This is looking up through the courtyard, there is a balcony off a bedroom upstairs.

Barbecues are just outside our unit.

Dinner was very simple, spaghetti and meat sauce.


inSPIREd Sunday Wytheville VA
Shadow Shot Sunday

A lovely lazy day lounging by the pool reading.


Foto Tunes
Monday Mural Wytheville VA

Was warm again but with a lot of cloud activity.
John went golfing in Pompano Beach at Palm Aire played an 88. Country Club.

I enjoyed sitting in the sun with a book.

Tuesday Treasures
Weekly Travel Theme Boca Raton FL

There was quite a thunder storm overnight!
We just lazed around in the morning.

Then we headed out to downtown Boca Raton to look around and have lunch.

Mizner Park is a lifestyle center in downtown Boca Raton. The center is home to rated eateries Max's Grille, Racks Downtown Eatery + Tavern, Yard House, Villagio's, and Uncle Julio's. The Centre for the Arts at Mizner Park is located on the north end of the development, which includes an amphitheater, the Boca Raton Museum of Art and Carré d'artistes, part of an international network featuring over 600 emerging artists. Cooper Carry designed Mizner as a classical Mediterranean revival town center.

We decided to visit the Museum of Art which was a delight.
Click here to visit the sculpture garden.
And here for more of the museum.

Geometry is the basis for nearly all of Rosenthal’s sculptures, with cubes or leaning discs as the dominate forms. Marty’s Cube is one of numerous variations of his signature monumental, balanced cube. Other versions installed in public places include: Alamo (1967) in New York City at Astor Place and Cube ’72 at Guild Hall in East Hampton. Unlike all other works on view at the Museum, you are encouraged to touch, and more precisely spin, this seemingly precariously perched, soaring 14-foot, 2,000-pound box. Tony Rosenthal (born 1914 in Highland Park, Illinois; died 2009 in Southampton, New York) 

A Chihuly! Click here to follow my passion for his works!

We decided to eat at Max's Grille.
 MEIN BOWL SPICY LO garlic / ginger, wok greens, broccoli & snap peas, korean bbq, chili paste, chopped peanuts scallions with an add on of chicken.

SEARED AHI TUNA asian vegetable slaw, yuzu ponzu, sesame seared, ginger & wasabi


Another day of golf and reading/relaxing with some laundry thrown in.
Other than golf and beach/pool there is not a lot to do in Boca Raton.

Thursday Doors

American Thanksgiving so everything is closed, we had thought to go out to lunch but most were closed as well.

John made scrambled eggs for breakfast, the best and then ham and tomato sandwiches for lunch.

The sky, in the morning as I lay reading/listening.

Thunder started rumbling around us as forecasted around 1PM.

And then...

But it cleared in time for John to barbecue steaks for dinner.


Weekend Reflections
Friday Finds

Another golfing and lounging day.

Packing also got done as we are heading to Daytona Beach tomorrow for the night.


I finally got a lot of reading in.

I finished Sound of Gravel and can only say what an amazing young woman she was to have coped with some much and still go on to become such a pillar for your younger siblings.

Good As Gone I finished in one sitting by the pool.  A good suspense but the writing was very disjointed, jumping here and there. It was hard to feel any connection to any of the characters.

What She Knew had me totally drawn in. A good read.

Also finished Her, I hate open-ended endings! And the motive???? Really?

I started listening to The Interestings.

The Third Wife there were so many truisms in this book that reminds me of so many people/families that I know.

The Girls certainly speaks about a teenager in the crazy times of the late 60s. You can easily identify with Evie's insecurities.
It basically took the real events of the Manson murders and renamed the characters.
I get the behaviour as a teen of Evie but the middle-aged Evie recounting the story and the sad listless life she lead after these events made me want to throttle her!

Odd that Manson died this week when I was reading this book.

The Residence:Inside the White House was an interesting read about the staff at the White House. But I felt like she repeated herself constantly and spent an inordinate amount of time reminding us that the staff is always discreet.

I started Commonwealth and love that it is a multi-generational story.


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  1. Im glad your weather cleared up, it can rain in Florida then turn gorgeous after an hour or so. Love the look of that LoMein!
    I haven’t read any of the books you mentioned but The Residence is listed in my notebook of books to get to....eventually.

  2. Look at all that good reading time you had in the sunny (mostly) south! I totally agree about Sound of Gravel. I'll have to give The Third Wife a try. I decided against Good As Gone after so many of my online friends had mixed feelings. I *love* your inner courtyard. That tuna looks delicious.

  3. Beautiful condo. I can see why the patio was your favorite "room." Great place to relax and read. Enjoy your getaway!
    My Saturday Snapshot post features a trip to Texas.

  4. I've heard of Boca Raton but not sure why, Jackie. Looks like you had a lovely lazy time. Many thanks for sharing :) :)

  5. Great place to spend some time by the pool! "Eat more conch" it!

  6. What a great trip. I remember being in Savannah years ago. That is a great town.


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