Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Mount Airy NC

November 2017 - Mount Airy NC

During our drive home I googled Mount Airy and we decided it would be fun to check it out. Neither of us were fans of Andy Griffith so we were surprised home many names came back to us.

Mount Airy is a city in Surry County, North Carolina. The town is widely known as the home of actor Andy Griffith and the inspiration for the fictional town of Mayberry on his eponymous show.

The Andy Griffith Show is an American situation comedy which aired on CBS from October 3, 1960, to September 6, 1971, with a total of 249 half-hour episodes spanning over 8 seasons, first in black and white and then in color, which partially originated from an episode of The Danny Thomas Show.

The show originally starred Andy Griffith in the role of Andy Taylor, the widowed sheriff of the fictional small community of Mayberry, North Carolina. Other major characters include Andy's inept but well-meaning deputy, who is also his cousin, Barney Fife (Don Knotts); Andy's spinster aunt and housekeeper, "Aunt" Bee Taylor(Frances Bavier), and Andy's precocious young son, Opie (Ron Howard). Eccentric townspeople and temperamental girlfriends complete the cast.

We stopped by the Andy Griffith Museum to get these photos but decided not to tour the museum.

Founded by Andy’s longtime friend Emmett Forrest, the Andy Griffith Museum is a treasure-trove of keepsakes from the actor’s career. The collection features hundreds of items from Andy Griffith’s movies, television shows, and musical efforts, including costumes, photos, records, and other memorabilia. There are actual props donated by Andy himself from The Andy Griffith Show and Matlock along with items donated by fellow cast members.

A mural downtown.

Downtown Main St.

Griffith's daily diet as a child, if you listen to the locals, included an 11-cent midday meal at Snappy Lunch (125 N. Main St.), a few doors down from Floyd's. The daily repast included a 5-cent fried bologna sandwich, "black on the edges," a 5-cent RC Cola and a penny Moon Pie.

Floyd Lawson is a fictional character on the American sitcom The Andy Griffith Show, who was likely inspired by barbers in Andy Griffith's real-life hometown.

Plenty of souvenirs for sale.


  1. They've certainly made the most of their connection to him!

  2. Oh dear. That brings back a lot of childhood memories, Andy Griffith and Danny Thomas. Life is too short to even try and remember them, but some things are etched.


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