Monday, August 25, 2014

Rubbish Tuesday

Finally a home for all those photos I take of old items!!

Continuing with our travels along Route 66 featuring iconic motel signs and other landmarks.

November and December 2012 saw us taking our first winter sojourn away from cold and snowy Toronto. We drove across from Toronto to (eventually) Los Angeles and back in the spring of 2013. We made many stops along the towns of Route 66 on interstate 40.

Winter 2013 and spring 2014 saw us do the same trip but we took interstate 10, further south from Route 66.

In earlier years we had taken many vacations in California which also led to some Route 66 icons.

I am enjoying doing these posts as I research the hotels and motels along the way and learn many new things.
Wikipedia is usually my source.

The Glancy - Clinton OK
Blue Swallow Motel - Tucumcari NM
Wigwam Motel - Rialto CA
Holbrook AZ
November 2012 - Erick OK
March 2013 - Santa Rosa NM - cars

March 2013 - Santa Rosa NM

Back in Santa Rosa with some motel and restaurant signs.

The I-40 freeway has bisected the town of Santa Rosa (pop. 2,744) and cut its old Route 66 frontage in two, but for over 65 years, travelers crossing New Mexico along Route 66 and I-40 made a point of stopping here for a meal at Club Cafe, “The Original Route 66 Restaurant Since 1935.”

 Thanks to signs lining the road for miles in both directions, emblazoned with the smiling face of the “Fat Man,” the Club Cafe became nationally famous for its always-fresh food. The Club Cafe closed in 1992, but its legacy (and the Fat Man logo) live on at Joseph’s (505/472-1234), at 865 Will Rogers Drive, which has a nifty neon sign and very good food at reasonable prices on old Route 66, a half mile southwest of I-40 exit 275.


  1. Your Route 66 adventure must have been a blast! Tom The Backroads Traveller

  2. There's a somewhat faded quality in places like this, and some of the details are very retro!

  3. What a great subject for the meme! Love your photos. I've never been out that way but it's so sad when such an iconic roadway ends up so deserted.

  4. Great old signs...and I have actually stayed at The Blue Swallow in Tucumcari!

  5. What a great adventure. I'm enjoying this.
    And, for some reason I crave a root beer float?

  6. This is just so much fun!

  7. I love the old garage with the powder blue VW Bug! Great signs. Have I mentioned how much I'm enjoying your trip down Route 66?


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