Friday, August 15, 2014

On the Road Day 3 St Andrew NB to Port Elgin New Brunswick

Day 1 Toronto to Levis QC

Day 2 Levis QC to St. Andrew by the Sea NB

Our drives are getting shorter and we can relax and spend more time sightseeing.

We were so excited this morning to go whale watching. But it was raining lightly as we headed out to breakfast at The Lumberjack. Still hoping, but quickly dashed as they called to say whale watching was cancelled as it rained more heavily and the winds picked up.

Looking out the window.

So we were in the car by 9am and started driving towards our evening accommodations with no real plan in mind.

Turned into this driveway to turn around.

 Stop on a deserted beach.

An impulse stop in St. John (no S) and had a great chat with the commissioner of the Canada parking lot.

Lunch at Billy's.

A stop in Alma.

Hopewell Rocks!!

We are booked for two nights at the Little Shemogue Inn in Port Elgin New Brunswick.

Built in 1859 by one of the first families to settle in the Botsford Parish, the house that would later become the Little Shemogue Inn was located on a grassy knoll about 1.5 miles from its present location.
Eager to take advantage of the ocean view, the owners embarked on a project to move the house from its original site to its present-day home on Shemogue Harbour. The house was moved in one piece on a specialized truck.

Cradled by woodlands and sheltered by Shemogue Harbour, this historic inn boasts a spectacular view and a pristine natural setting. The owners have completely refurbished the Inn's interior, maintaining its rich heritage while creating a comfortable home for visitors and guests.
Image below from their web site.

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  1. Ah, the Hopewell Rocks. I remember walking down among them at low tide. I even sketched them in a sketchbook.


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