Wednesday, August 27, 2014

On the Road Day 10 Moncton NB to Magog Quebec

Day 1 Toronto to Levis QC

Day 2 Levis QC to St. Andrew by the Sea NB

Day 3 St. Andrew NB to Port Elgin NB

Day 4 Little Shemogue NB

Day 5 Port Elgin NB to Charlottetown PEI

Day 6 Charlottetown PEI

Day 7 around PEI

Day 8 around PEI

Day 9 Charlottetown PEI to Moncton NB

It was a sunny morning as we left Moncton NB, after briefly considering staying another day as it is a lovely town.  It is called Canada's most polite and honest city according to Reader's Digest. The city does boast about this.
It is also the most bilingual city I have been in with everyone speaking both with no hassles.

We headed out and thought we might go to the Magnetic Hill since it had been pouring rain the last time we attempted it . Nice try, we drove by it three times even though it is as big as life!! We decided to skip it as we wanted to get to St. Andrew by the Sea.

Interesting town names.

What a difference a week makes!! It was pouring rain when we wanted to go whale watching last week and this week it was so nice that they were all booked! Oh well, we tried, this was our third time trying and they do say "third time a charm". Nope.
We first tried last year in Cape Breton NS.

Below is where we stayed last week from the end of the wharf.

Last week no one was at the market as it was pouring and cold.

We had lunch and drove to St. Stephen's to cross into Maine and bypass going up around by Quebec City as we did driving down. And then driving from Levis to St. Andrew. You can see both itineraries on this map.

341 Miles / 550 Km St Andrew NB to Magog QC

We didn't have our passports with us as we had not planned on coming home through the States. But we have NEXUS cards which we both carry in our wallets. NEXUS allows us to use the cards to cross by car into the US.

Suddenly John is saying "look, did you see that, look!!!". It was a young moose running along the side of the highway. Too stunned to get a photo so I found this one online.

I was also reading the LCBO Food and Drink magazine at the time and they had this ad.

I booked our hotel online once we determined that we would stop in Magog for the evening.

This is a family oriented resort.

Our room was lovely.

We strolled over to the main building for dinner. We both had steak and frites which we both enjoyed. We have had so much seafood (no complaints) over the last two weeks that we were ready for red meat.

Time to say good night!

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  1. I've done a similar route coming back from the east, going through Maine and New Hampshire. It makes for a pleasant trip. Beautiful shots!


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