Wednesday, August 27, 2014

On the Road Day 11 Magog QC to HOME

Day 1 Toronto to Levis QC

Day 2 Levis QC to St. Andrew by the Sea NB

Day 3 St. Andrew NB to Port Elgin NB

Day 4 Little Shemogue NB

Day 5 Port Elgin NB to Charlottetown PEI

Day 6 Charlottetown PEI

Day 7 around PEI

Day 8 around PEI

Day 9 Charlottetown PEI to Moncton NB

Day 10 Moncton NB to Magog QC

It just figures that it is a beautiful morning when we are about to spend the day in the car!

I went to check out and took my camera with me.

 We drove into Magog for breakfast and decided that we would spend some time walking around. This is a gorgeous four season resort town that caters to tourists with many restaurants and shops.

Magog is about 120 kilometres (75 mi) east of Montreal at the confluence of Lake Memphremagog—after which the city was named—with the Rivière aux Cerises and the Magog River.The city lies in the Eastern Townships tourist region.

"Memphremagog" comes from the Abenaki word mamhlawbagak, which means "large expanse of water" or "vast lake." "Magog" is believed to be a truncation of the lake's name. However, it could also come from namagok and namagwôttik, which mean "the lake where there is brook trout." Others have theorized that the name has Biblical origins in Gog and Magog, or that it refers to an ancient city by the same name.

Since I grew up in Montreal the Eastern Townships were well known. But it has been a very long time since I had been in Magog. It has definitely blossomed.

For anyone familiar with this area, they will recognize this play on words, Owl's Head is a famous ski area.

On the 401 Trans-Canada highway to home.

Oh Toronto! Not the best idea to hit the city at 5 PM on a Friday!!

So we decide to take the toll highway 407 - luckily the traffic is busy eastbound!!!

Believe it or not, this is the view looking north from the highway.

407 as it appears on our GPS!


  1. That's quite a long drive. I have not stopped in Magog... I'll have to remedy that sometime.

  2. Love the Hotel Grand Central sign - never knew about a Leeds in Canada.


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