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And To Think I Saw It...This Week July 26 - August 1 2014

Last week's recap.



Saturday BFF and I headed downtown to Queen St W. We stopped into the Museum of Contemporary Art, click here for some more photos of one of the displays.

Definitely a museum to visit often as the displays and mural change often.

The ant sculptures adorning the Museum were created by artist Napoleon Brousseau.

I couldn't find any information on this sculpture.

Click here to view the outstanding mural outside the museum.

Click here to view one of the exhibitions.

We left the museum (it is tiny) and strolled eastward along Queen St. W, a vibrant area full of shops and restaurants. We stopped into a pop up art gallery featuring local artists. There were several of one of my favourite new artists, Harry Enchin. He superimposes historical photos with modern scenes blending them together.

harry enchin.jpg

A lovebot, one of many designed by Del Degan and scattered around the city in 2013.

It started to rain so we stopped into Lisa Marie's, owned by Fidel Gastro of food truck fame. The Fidel Gastro food truck, better known as Priscilla is Toronto’s loudest most extremo retro streetfood kitchen on wheels. Voted Canada’s number 1 food truck by Canadian Living magazine, she cruises the streets of T.O serving the masses.

Our bill came enclosed in an old CD case!

Sunday I headed to Bloor West Village to meet a GF for lunch at The Kennedy.

Waiting for the subway at Old Mill.

Wednesday was a Costco shopping day.

 John went to golf and I went downtown to get a travel carry on bag that I have been eyeing for several weeks. I lug so many electronics that I want a bag on wheels. I end up with my laptop (to upload from my camera), my camera, my iPad for reading and sometimes have my husband's camera and his e-reader. Then I need to have a pashima or shawl and passports. 

I got on the shuttle in the sunshine and traffic was really bad, as usual due to the construction on the Gardiner. The skies got dark and heavy and there was lots of lightening as we looked north west. Just as we got onto the Lake Shore exit (the lanes on the right going under the Gardiner) a deluge began!
In the few steps from the shuttle to entering our building I was soaked to the skin. But John, golfing in the east end only got a few drops of rain.

Thursday was my birthday!!!

 Received some charms - aloha, camera, Big Ben, Eiffel Tower, the Forum Rome, Statue of Liberty, windmill for Amsterdam, and a camel for Egypt!

We went along Queen St W and stopped in the Gladstone Hotel. We had walked up to the Cadbury Museum only to find it isn't open to the public.

We "discovered" a treasure trove of murals along the tracks, here's a sneak preview.

Another Lovebot on Queen W at Gladstone.

Rowhouses on Gladstone.

Thursday was a special dinner out for my birthday at One in Hazelton Lanes.

Seared foie gras pain perdu, roasted pears and cashew praline - this was a party in my mouth!!!!!

Halibut herbed crust, triple cooked chips, tartar sauce, cabbage slaw and malt vinaigrette

Linguine blue crab, black tiger shrimp, scallion, chili, garlic and white wine butter sauce

Friday was an outing to Port Dover with friends and another present!

Port Dover on Lake Erie

Mussels - delicious

Clam chowder - great

Perch from Lake Erie

A boat ride along Black Creek from Port Dover.

Click below for some other Toronto posts from this week.

Some vanity licence plates around town.
Friday My Town Shoot Out
Weekend Cooking


Taken Saturday morning on my way to weekly the farmers' market.


Some purchases at the farmers' market.

Cucumber! I had a sample at the market and they are quite sweet.

One of those weeks where there was not much cooking going on!

Sunday and Monday were easy - cheeses and fresh bread for dinner. Lunch was a salmon salad.

Tuesday finished the last of the sausages.

Wednesday John golfed and had dinner at the golf club with a friend.

Thursday dinner out.

Friday lunch in Port Dover and pizza later.

RECIPES - click on the links for the full recipe

None this week!!


The front entrance to the condo is finally finished, 8 EIGHT months behind schedule. Champagne and cake were provided at the unveiling.

For us that means no more having to take our groceries i.e. Costco run, up from the garage in a shopping cart. We can now drive to the front, unload and have the doorman take the cart to our set of elevators. Sounds like a first world problem, and it is. But maneuvering that cart through the narrow doors on Level 1 then up the parking garage elevator has been a pain especially when it took so long to complete.



We are finalizing our plans for New Brunswick and PEI. At the moment we think we'll spend a couple of days in NB around the Bay of Fundy.

On August 25 we fly to Washington DC with friends for five days. We haven't been there since 1987 and they have never been!

Throw Back Thursday - Giant's Causeway Northern Ireland 2007

I went to my first pow wow.

We drove to Grand Rapids Michigan for a few days. More photos here and here.


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