Saturday, February 1, 2014

Mazatlan - la semana pasada (Week 5)


Continues to be consistently the same, 82F or 28C, sunny with a slight breeze. 

We took a tour to Durango as we wanted to see the super highway and the town.
Photos of the bridge, click here.
Lots of photos of Durango - click here.


We wandered around Centro Historico one morning. There is always something new to find.

Look Gallery. "Looking" forward to coming back here on February's Art Walk.

Along the Malecon

Playa Gaviotas

Bill and Carol took us to La Noria and Punetes de Canoas click here.

Waiting for his candy

 Bill handing out candy to the children.

Another day we went to La Labradas with them (click here) to visit the outstanding open-air museum showcasing amazing petroglyphs.


Dinner El Aljibe 

Lunch at Margarita's in the Playa Gaviotas area of town. Server was charming, good free Margarita's but the food was only ok. I had much better coconut shrimp down the street at Gringo Lingo's.

John's mixed Mexican plate.

Lunch Fish House  now this was absolutely delicious.

Calamari to start.

I think this was the best ahi tuna I have ever had. But then Mazatlan has a large tuna fishing fleet.

Mahi Mahi fish and chips.

 A rare photo of both of us.

Thursday was prime rib here at the condo in the Palapa. It is soo good!! It was packed.

Dinner at Casa Country on Friday. Skirt steak for me and ribs for John.


Learning that it's ok to just have lazy days.

Feeling it is perfectly normal to wear shorts and t-shirts every day.

Carol wrote a good post about grocery shopping at Mega this week, click here.

Monday's Welcome entertainment.
The little guy spotted me first and grinned.

Then Dad got into the act!

 And brought his big guns!

We moved into a one bedroom unit on Friday on the 5th floor. We were checked into the new unit and unpacked by 10:45 AM.

The view from our balcony.

I posted some photos of daily life - click here.

I woke early on Sunday morning and as I lay there I thought John was talking in his sleep until I realized he had said "shoot that bird". I started to laugh. He was annoyed that the mourning doves were busy "coocooing" outside.

NO FOOTBALL!! But the condo is gearing up!

Watched an iguana walk across the path and pick several of these red berries. Also saw one jump into the pool to swim across to another rock.

Also watched an iguana climb a palm tree to the very top where he stayed for a few hours. His tail hung down but if you didn't know he was there you would think it as a frond from the tree.

Sidewalks - one has to be so careful walking down the street in daylight never mind at night!!
You could fall into a hole, hit your head on a branch or wires protruding from a building, miss a step, fall down a slant or trip on uneven pavement.

We have television here with quite a few channels. However we seldom turn it on preferring to read instead.

And it wouldn't be a recap without some bathroom humour.
I took this photo in La Noria.


January 31

See the tiny sliver of the new moon!


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  1. Hi Jackie , It is ok to have LAZY days, I have many of them unfortunately not by choice , just not that much to do around here. I love the Fish dishes( Lunch Fish HOuse) , I could eat fish at every meal , especially when I went to Italy. The beautiful glass jars look very interesting. Are they hand blown. Thanks for sharing , sounds like fun.


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