Friday, December 29, 2017

Cold Turkey

December 2017 - Toronto ON

Six Word Saturday

For breakfast we made rum and cranberry pancakes with sausages. I used buckwheat flour instead and we thought they were a little dense but okay. I think I would use gluten-free all-purpose flour the next time.

I then spent the afternoon in the kitchen.
Cranberry lemon yogurt loaf was really good. On impulse I also made these loaded cowboy cookies which were also great. The recipe says it makes 36 big cookies I ended up with 57 pretty big cookies so I froze a couple of bags.

We both love turkey so I did a turkey breast so we could have some leftovers.

One Word Sunday

I decided to make pineapple banana bread which I had made before but in a bundt pan. The recipe called for two loaf pans so I used them. They were incredible when I took them out of the oven, golden and high. Within minutes John, what happened?!?!? They had sunk like a ship....

We had Asian chicken lettuce wraps for dinner.

Monday - Christmas Day

After a sparkling wine and scrambled egg breakfast I prepared vegetables to take to my cousin's for dinner.

As we turn onto my cousin's street.


Cracker selfie!

We stayed overnight and woke to an extreme cold alert with blue skies.

Getting a big breakfast of black pudding, bacon, sausages, mushrooms, potatoes and eggs ready.

Opening the sparkling wine.

We left mid-afternoon with a bag full of leftovers for several days! Hence the title, we have had turkey for several days and there is now a pot of turkey soup ready for lunches!


We (I) decided that John needed another winter jacket that wasn't as heavy as his big one which is too warm when we are going downtown and are mostly underground in the PATH.

We went underground from the Royal York Hotel to The Bay and he ended up with two jackets!

Then home to watch movies!


As the sun rose on a bitterly cold morning.
How cold was it? Strteetcar fleet decimated by cold.

Polar vortex, schmolar vortex. The winter we're currently living through just saw temperatures dip to -22 C on Dec. 28 for the first time in recorded history.
With wind chill values of -30 C!

Union Station renovations are slooooowly being completed. Some restaurants have opened and others are set to.
Can't wait until Wvrst opens this location so we don't have to walk up to King St, W in the winter.

I had a friend in for a girls' lunch.

Friday Finds
Weekend Reflections

We had planned to take the car and do some errands but not in this.

Instead we opted to just take the shuttle downtown and pick up what groceries we needed/wanted for the weekend.

Some sights from the bus - our entrance.

Looking at Lake Ontario.

 I've shown you these guys many times but never with snow!

 There were flowers of tribute at Johnny Bower's feet as Johnny Bower passed away at the age of 93 on December 26, 2017.

Our building when we got home.

And then we were treated to this sky! Quite a weather day.


I need to do my ear-end count!!

I started The Woman Upstairs and almost put it down but I stuck with it. I like getting inside a woman's head. OK so she totally annoyed me, just go and do it for goodness sakes!

Different Class is a tautly woven, slowly moving thriller that is building to a stunning denouement!

Friday Photo Journal

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  1. ...if you have any spare blue sky, send it my way please.

  2. I love the snow photos, but then I don't have to live with it.

  3. Wow, look at all that snow! We had a bit a few weeks ago, and everything ground to a halt, but whatever weather we get in the UK we are never ready for it!

  4. sometimes the snow really gets to be too much, doesn’t it?
    Have a great New Year... best from mae at

  5. Winter certainly did hit hard there!

    It looks like you had a lovely Christmas.

    I've seen Christmas crackers in stores, but never picked them up. It wasn't a tradition in our family.

  6. Christmas crackers! I actually ordered some this year...and then completely forgot to put them out! We might bring them out on New Year's, though...

  7. Gorgeous shots of Toronto and the lake. I must make rum and cranberry pancakes --OMG they look good. What a fun Christmas, even if really, really cold. It's freezing here too, and I had to change my New Year's Eve menu from grilled tenderloin to braised short ribs. I mean who wants to be grilling when it's only 4F outside? Happy New Year!!!!

  8. I moved away from snow- and I enjoy looking at the photos but I do not miss it! Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas ! Happy New Year

  9. I don’t think I could deal with the snow anymore. We want to move from Florida, so much, but I think after spending so much time here I couldn’t acclimate again. When I grew up with it I just never thought about how cold I might be, or dealing with shoveling snow, all the adult stuff. Sledding was fun but again, I didn’t need to deal with the transporter mess. Having said all that, I love your photos,

    Thanks for the tip on the book, I have so many to read and I don’t want to start one that annoys me, lol. Yes, I love Tana French and she may be my all time favorite author. Peter Robinson is high on my list too, I have read all the Inspector Banks books.
    Nicci French is new for me and I am loving it. Just finished Blue Monday last night.

  10. I'd love to see some snow, perfect for Christmas. Happy New Year #MySundayPhoto.

  11. I'm shivering looking at your frosty images. Happy New Year!

  12. The snow looks amazing, I've never experienced snow like it.

  13. Brrr. too cold for me, Jackie! But I can see you all had fun with the peppermint looking crackers! Oh, the rum cranberry pancakes with sausages sound like a delicious combination! The snow brings out the beauty of the gate (thanks for braving the cold to take these pics!!) Happy New Year Jackie to you and yours! And a big thank you for your presence with all the beautiful photos/posts for All Seasons in 2017!

  14. Brrr...looks like a cold & snowy week there! Same here - not as cold as Toronto, of course, but it's stayed in the teens and 20's all week which is super-cold for us!

    BTW, I stayed at the Royal York with my Girl Scout troop when I was a kid :)

    Happy New Year!


    Book By Book

  15. Wonderful winter/Christmas celebration photos! Hope you have an awesome 2018!

  16. The snow looks pretty but rather you than me, Jackie :) :) And I don't think I can cope with any more food, having just come back from staying with Polish family. Boy, can they eat!

  17. The statues of the hockey players in snow was fun to see. They look frozen in time. :-) Your dishes sound yummy. It's kind of chilly right now, perfect for baking to keep the house feeling warm and delicious smelling. Happy New Year!

  18. So glad to see someone else has crackers with their holiday meals. That is where all my (terrible) jokes come from! And black pudding - only my husband likes it! Happy New Year to you, and stay warm!


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