Saturday, December 16, 2017

Mulling over Wine

December 2017 - Toronto ON


We were invited to dinner with friends and I was asked to bring a gluten free appetizer.
So I made this avocado hummus, not a keeper even though I tried to get more flavour with hot sauce. It was just bland.

We had a good time catching up with our friends.

Shadow Shot Sunday
Inspired Sunday
One Word Sunday

From The English Kitchen came this cinnamon spice applesauce bread which turned out well.
Dinner was ham and colcannon.

Monday Mural and Foto Tunes

We went for our flu shots and then we each went out separately for lunch with friends.
Dinner was leftovers.

Tuesday Treasures

We bundled up and headed out for the Christmas Market at City Hall. It was cold!

Lots of food trucks!

John photobombing.

You can't see them but there were fireplaces scattered among the chairs.


Mulled wine and cider.

We decided to order Indian using the delivery app Just Eat. We chose Bombay on the Lake based on its reviews. That was a mistake! It was the worst food ever, well next to our meal in Pecos Texas  followed by Nipigon ON. We ordered onion bhajis, one order of lamb curry, one order of chicken korma and two orders of rice, $72 so not only awful but expensive as well. An all up can eat Indian buffet downtown is only about $14 a person. I loved that the Just Eat app sent me a survey to complete and the worst rating they had was abysmal!!


I convinced John to go to the Gardiner Museum with me to see the 12 Trees - Let There Be Light.
The neon-lit 42-foot white spruce on the Museum’s front plaza designed by Presenting Sponsor, Nordstrom, and donated by Ontario Wood and Forests Ontario.

The museum's description of the exhibit:

This year’s 12 Trees exhibition focuses on light as a potent symbol of hope that many cultures share. Curated by author and visual artist Douglas Coupland and Vice President of Public Art Management Ben Mills, this year’s exhibition brings a contemporary, light-filled perspective to the 12 Trees tradition.

Among other delights, this year’s light-inspired art installations include a disco-ball Christmas tree, a manually-powered holiday tree light show, an animated winter dreamscape, a “tree” comprised of illuminated blocks, and more.


And here was a delightful table at the museum.

Since we enjoyed our Mulled wine last night we decided to make some when we got home.

Thursday Doors

Today was our first extreme cold alert and the Christmas Market was closed.
I braved the elements, not really, I get off the shuttle and go underground for all my shopping needs.

I decided I should buy new heavy duty winter boots. Mine were seven years old and really difficult to get on and off. I also wanted mittens/gloves that had a flip so I could use my phone/camera without taking them on and off as I had done yesterday at the market.
I also got two new pairs of leggings.

Friday Finds
Weekend Reflections

We ran a couple of errands downtown and I bought two sweaters, big sales on.

Once home, it was all cooking and cleaning as we had family coming to dinner.
I made a chicken vindaloo from this recipe. I couldn't find the red Thai chilles and the red chili peppers I bought didn't have any kick to them. I also made a chocolate cheesecake.


Started Cold Earth but couldn't get into it.

On the other hand I couldn't put this down, a good pulpy read and terrifying as well Behind Closed Doors. Suffice it to say I will never look at George Clooney again without thinking of this book.

I started A Great Reckoning.

Friday Photo Journal

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Saturday Snapshots is hosted by West Metro Mommy.


  1. I love the tree exhibit! And boy oh boy the market looks sooooo cold. We have snow now too. Too bad about the avocado hummus, but glad you had a good time with friends.

  2. So much to see and do in Toronto during the holidays and all year long. Looks like you're off to a good start. Enjoy!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.
    Sandy @ Writing With a Texas Twang

  3. What a fun place - love the color and exhibits.

  4. What an awesome array of holiday lights...and food. Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

  5. You certainly have me intrigued about Behind Closed Doors and George Clooney. I kept seeing Gerard Butler in Feast of Sorrow. I really liked that book. Toronto is so big, it’s gorgeous in the snow and I like seeing all the photos as you walk about.
    Indian restaurant t’s sounds great there’s! We have a choice of three and one is too hot for me. I don’t love to try a few you mentioned.

  6. Look at that Christmas Market, it puts our efforts to shame

  7. Am returning the compliment: you too have good taste, Jackie, in the light displays, amazing trees, and other art you chose for your posts! Thank you much for sharing this with All Seasons and braving the cold for the photo shoot!
    Wishing you a very special Christmas at home:) and "see" you back on New Year's Eve.
    As for your comment on (Fri Hunt) the knitted pieces around the tree: you taught me a new word: yarn bambing!

  8. Looks fun but cold! Wishing you a very Happy Holidsay season!

  9. Looks like you have the weather for Christmas there #MySundayPhoto

  10. What a wonderfully Christmassy post, Jackie! Wishing you both much joy this Christmas and far into 2018. :) :)

  11. Looks like some wonderful holiday outings for you this week! You really do get out and enjoy your city. I am still determined to get back there sometime soon!

    Sorry your Indian food wasn't good. Hope your next takeout choice is better!

    Enjoy your week -


    Book By Book

  12. Beautiful photos, looks very cold though. And avocado hummus sounds wonderful.

    Season's Greetings!

    Worth a Thousand Words

  13. The Christmas Market looks like so much fun! Merry Christmas!
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  14. Looks like Toronto did themselves proud with the market - lots to see and do and heaters to boot! Interesting Christmas tree display - people are so creative! Merry Christmas to you!


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